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Rock ‘n’ Roll McDonald’s closes for makeover, loses theme

The Rock 'n' Roll McDonalds at 600 N. Clark St. will close on Dec. 30 for a remdoeling. | Rachel Hinton/Sun-Times

The “rocking” good times at the Rock ‘n’ Roll McDonald’s will be coming to an end on Dec. 30.

The restaurant, at 600 N. Clark St., will close temporarily for a renovation and will lose its rock and roll theme when it reopens, said Anne Christensen, a spokesperson for the fast-food chain.

Nick Karavites, who owns and operates the popular store, said the remodeling will help the restaurant deliver “an elevated customer experience with modernized interiors, self-order kiosks, table service, mobile order and payment and an enhanced McCafé presence.”

“The restaurant will be closed during construction, and we look forward to opening this spring and offering our customers a new level of choice, convenience and dining at McDonald’s,” Karavites said in a emailed statement.

This isn’t the first remodeling for the Rock ‘n’ Roll restaurant. It was closed in 2004 to make way for the current one, which was unveiled as part of McDonald’s 50th anniversary.