Pro golfer causes disturbance in office, yells ‘mashed potatoes’

SHARE Pro golfer causes disturbance in office, yells ‘mashed potatoes’

Graham DeLaet jokingly screamed random nouns at an office to show what it’s like when people yell during golf tournaments. | Robert Laberge/Getty Images

There’s always that one guy at every golf tournament who thinks it’s comical to yell something as a golfer takes a swing.

“Mashed potatoes,” “sprinkled cupcakes” and “Baba-Booey!” are just three of the many things people have yelled during professional golf tournaments.

Well, believe it or not, professional golferGraham DeLaet doesn’t think it’s that funny.

“We started thinking, ‘Hey wouldn’t it be funny if one time we went into their office and started screaming stuff like that?'” DeLaet said in a video posted on Twitter Sunday.

DeLaet gave people a taste of their own medicineand screamed “Canadian bacon,” “mashed potatoes” and other funny and random nouns while walking around an office in Saskatoon, Canada.

Watch DeLaet’s shenanigans below:

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