Nike unveils new ‘City Edition’ jerseys for 30 NBA teams

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Bulls unveiled their new Nike “City Edition” jerseys. | Courtesy of Bulls/Twitter

Nike unveiled Wednesday morning its 30 “NBA City Edition” uniforms.

This edition was designed to honor the fans and the team’s city, according to Nike’s website.

The Bulls jersey was clearly inspired by Chicago’s flag. The jerseys are white with red and light blue stripes outlining the neck and arms. There are also four stars down the left side of the jersey. “Sweet Home” and the NBA logo are stitched to the bottom right corner.

The Bulls will wear these uniforms on Jan. 26 when they host the Los Angeles Lakers at the United Center.

Here are some of the 29 other uniforms and the reasons behind the designs.

1. Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers channel their “Mamba mentality” with these Kobe Bryant-inspired jerseys. The body of the jersey is a snakeskin pattern and No. 24 is stitched on their waistbands.

2. Philadelphia76ers

The off-white color of the 76ers City Edition jerseys is supposed to be similar to the parchment used for the Declaration of Independence. The font is also supposed to mimic the manuscript of the Declaration of Independence and “Unite or Die” is stitched in the bottom left corner.

3. Milwaukee Bucks

The color base of the uniforms issupposed to replicate Milwaukee’s famous Cream City bricks.

4. Indiana Pacers

The check pattern is supposed to be a tribute to Indianapolis’s rich racing history. The numbers on the jerseys also look like the numbers on racing cars.

5. Portland Trailblazers

The uniform’s plaid patternwas inspired by legendary coach Jack Ramsay’s unique wardrobe.

6. San Antonio Spurs

The camouflage pattern was designed tohonor the servicemen and servicewomen of the U.S. Armed Forces.

7. Dallas Mavericks

The neon colors are supposed to replicate the “swagger of the Big D and the vibrancy of Dallas nights,” according to Nike.

8. Houston Rockets

The Rockets jerseys were leaked and not supposed to be released until a later date, according to Nike. But the jerseys are meant to be a tribute to the Chinese New Year.

9. Boston Celtics

The jersey design replicates the Celtics’ parquet floor and is meant to honor Red Auerbach. The belt buckle had the iconic banner design to match TD Garden rafters and highlights the Celtics’ 2008 championship.

10. Detroit Pistons

The chrome features on the Piston’s City Edition uniforms are supposed to honor the Motor City.

11. Charlotte Hornets

The jerseys have a hive-inspired pattern, colors that mimic iridescent hornet wings, and the team’s anthem, “Enter the Swarm,” is stitched above the jock tag.

12. Brooklyn Nets

The wire pattern on the jerseys was inspired by the Brooklyn Bridge’s steel cables.

13. Atlanta Hawks

Via Nike:

Asymmetrical lines and volt accents nod to the team’s uniforms from the ’70s, while the design and font take inspiration from the city’s cutting-edge music scene.

14. Cleveland Cavaliers

When the Cavaliers reference “protecting The Land” it’s actually a reference to the giant “Guardians of Transportation sculpturesover Cleveland’s Hope Memorial Bridge. Ohio is also stitched in the uniform’s waistbands.

15. Denver Nuggets

The gold and tools on the Nuggets’ jerseys represents Colorado’s rich mining history. The “5280” on the waistband also stands for Denver’s elevation above sea level.

16. Golden State Warriors

The Warriors City Edition uniforms pay tribute to Chinese culture in theBay Area. The chest logo combines a classic Chinese symbol with the Golden Gate Bridge. The Chinese characters for prosperity are also on the waistbands.

17. Los Angeles Clippers

The Clippers’ uniforms were influenced by Southern California’s beach culture.

18. Memphis Grizzlies

Via Nike:

The Memphis uniform is inspired by the 1968 Memphis Sanitation Workers Strike ‘I Am A Man’ slogans and reflects on the events, circumstance and losses surrounding the movement, including the 50th Anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Courtesy of Nike

Courtesy of Nike

19. Minnesota Timberwolves

The color of the uniform is meant to be like a winter coat of the wolf and the white symbolizes snow.

20. New Orleans Pelicans

The Pelican’s City Edition uniform honors the vibrant life of New Orleans during Mardi Gras.

21. Oklahoma City Thunder

There really isn’t a backstory to this design. They just look cool.

22. Orlando Magic

Via Nike:

The edges of light bordering our universe reveal a vastness greater than our imagination. Emblematic of the desire to achieve more, the Orlando Magic City Edition uniform is the will to break boundaries, push our outer confines and find something greater than our individual selves.

23. Phoenix Suns

The uniform’s design honors the Hispanic heritage of the community of the Suns.

24. Sacramento Kings

The Kings’ City Edition uniforms are a throwback to the franchise’s history. It’s meant to blend the King’s “storied past with our bright future” so to speak.

25. Utah Jazz

The colors used for Jazz’s alternative uniforms were decided based on Utah’s red rock formations, arches and canyons.

Courtesy of Nike

Courtesy of Nike

26. Washington Wizards

Saving the best for last: The Wizards’jersey might top the rest. The uniform pays homage to the District of Columbia. It has marble patterns on the side, which are supposed to replicate the Washington monuments.

Nike said the Knicks, Heat and Raptors alternate uniforms will be unveiled “at a later date.”

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