LETTERS: Nuclear plant safety is Exelon’s top priority

SHARE LETTERS: Nuclear plant safety is Exelon’s top priority

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At Exelon Generation, we are committed to operating our plants safely and responsibly, being a good neighbor and supporting our local communities. Our nuclear fleet has one of the best safety records in our industry, and nuclear energy is the safest source of power generation by far.

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That’s why it’s disappointing to see another sensationalized and misleading story on nuclear energy by the Better Government Association. Despite the story’s allegations, safety is always the highest priority for Exelon Generation. In fact, this story does a grave disservice to the thousands of Exelon employees who operate Illinois’ industry-leading nuclear facilities safely and responsibly every single day.

The job of safety is never done; it is our top priority. It outweighs all other business imperatives, including costs. We firmly believe that questioning attitudes and constant challenging of assumptions are the best ways to ensure safety — by never allowing us to become complacent. That’s why Exelon would never tolerate any discrimination or retaliation against anyone who raises safety concerns; in fact, we encourage an open dialogue around safety and are proud of our safety-conscious work environment.

Exelon Generation provided detailed information on key aspects of the story to the BGA, but those facts were not included. Get all the facts at our website or join us at one of our Community Information Nights to learn more about our constant commitment to safe, reliable and responsible operations.

Bryan Hanson, chief nuclear officer,

Exelon Generation, Warrenville

Disarm nukes

The best gift we could give each other and all humanity is nuclear disarmament. As Daniel Ellsberg argues in his new book “The Doomsday Machine: Confessions of a Nuclear War Planner.” there are scary odds that the U.S. will stumble into a nuclear war that could wipe out the human race in its aftermath.

Lanlan Hoo, Wheaton

Bad policy

Cook County Jail population is down.

That’s great news if you’re a criminal or thinking about committing a crime. Chief Judge Timothy Evans demanded that bonds be set at a rate where the defendant can pay it. How about the bond is commensurate to the crime charged? Cara Smith, director of policy for the sheriff says the judges are just following the law. The Constitution states that all persons should be considered for bond and that bond be balanced with the criminal act alleged. It does not say that bond must be low enough to allow the defendant to post it.

Evans describes this new bond system as working well: as proof he states 90 percent of those let on bond are returning for court. Hello!!! That means 10 out of every 100 defendants are not coming to court for their hearings. That’s an incredibly high number. The entire purpose of bond is to ensure that a person charged with a crime show up for their court date.

Chicago is already an embarrassment to our nation, and murders are projected to be higher than last. Defendants out on bond for felonies are committing shootings and other violent crimes. Individuals on bond for felony possession of a gun are being rearrested for carrying a gun. Sheriff Thomas Dart, Judge Evans, and Director Smith should realize that their job is to protect the citizens of Chicago, not victimize the criminals for political leverage.

Larry Casey, Forest Glen

‘Hideous milestone’

The Red Cross calls it “a hideous milestone in the 21st century” and rightly so, the millionth case of cholera in Yemen. Not a natural disaster, the epidemic is man-made, courtesy of Saudi Arabia, its Gulf State allies and its principle weapons supplier, Uncle Sam. In addition to all that weapons of civilian destruction, we’re giving logistic support in the form of intelligence and mid-air refueling of Saudi bombers aiding theirdestruction of Yemen infrastructure which no longer supplies potable water.

The U.S. supports the inhuman Saudi blockade of food and medicine, causing millions of Yemenis to face starvation. The U.S. war party, whether presided over by Barack Obama or Donald Trump, justifies this grotesque use of American might to counter imagined enemy Iran, which the Saudis whine is trying to become chief hegemon in the Middle East, in part through interference in the Yemen civil war. No U.S. support, and the Saudi scorched-earth war of Yemen annihilation would collapse. State sponsor of terrorism? Look in the mirror, Uncle Sam.

Walt Zlotow, Glen Ellyn

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