LETTERS: To protect Chicago, oppose gun bill in Congress

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Chicago feels the impact of our nation’s gun violence epidemic daily. We’ve felt the disgust when our city in particular is called out nationally as a “war zone” by those who don’t understand the complexities of gun trafficking and why Chicago is vulnerable.

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Illinois has several solid gun safety laws but is surrounded by states with weak gun laws. The recent Gun Trace Report 2017 (a collaboration among the mayor’s office, Chicago Police Department, and University of Chicago Crime Lab) finds 60 percent of the guns used in Chicago crimes are from other states, primarily Indiana, where any 18-year-old can buy a gun, Wisconsin, where children are now permitted to own guns, and Missouri, which allows the open carry of guns.

Less than a month after our nation’s latest horrific mass shooting, the House of Representatives has advanced a dangerous gun bill that would gut state gun laws. “Concealed carry reciprocity” H.R. 38, would eviscerate state gun laws and make it easy for people with dangerous histories and no training to carry hidden, loaded guns in public across the country.

This bill will dismantle all of Illinois’ gun-safety laws. It will get rid of gun-free safety zones (e.g. day car centers, schools, houses of worship, hospitals, theaters), and this bill is nearly universally opposed by law enforcement agencies, who know this will lead to chaotic and dangerous situations.

If this bill passes, people with violent histories can carry concealed, loaded, unlicensed guns at Lollapalooza, the Magnificent Mile, day care centers, Bears, Cubs and Bulls games — anywhere! As the House of Representatives prepares to vote on this dangerous legislation this week, everyone in Illinois and everywhere needs to send a clear message to their representatives: Oppose H.R. 38!

Laura E. Lambert, Hyde Park

GOP needs new name

Where does it end? Now that Michael Flynn has finally admitted that he lied to the FBI, who else will finally be caught up in their lies? Jared Kushner seems to have lied about his meetings and dealings with Russian officials. Vice President Mike Pence very possibly was lying months ago when he claimed he had no knowledge of Flynn’s dealings when it appears he in fact did know. Chief of Staff John Kelly lied about remarks made by Congresswoman Wilson at the dedication of the FBI building in Florida. Attorney General Jeff Sessions repeatedly lied to a congressional committee (or is he just senile)?

And now after the Flynn declaration, the president is saying that a tweet that could implicate him in obstructing justice, was actually made by one of his lawyers. And of course there is Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who attests daily to every lie that the president tells.

It seems that the Republican Party needs to reconsider changing its name to Group of Prevaricators.

Daniel Pupo, Orland Park


U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

North Korea tests a missile, and Sen. Lindsay Graham says this: “The U.S. will go to war with North Korea if things don’t change. A lot of people would get hurt and killed. If we have to go to war to stop this, we will. If there’s a war with North Korea, it will be because North Korea brought it on itself, and we’re headed to a war if things don’t change.”

Sen. Graham should look in the mirror to find someone bringing on war. He’s supported every criminal U.S. war of regime change, all against non-nuclear states, that have got hundreds of thousands killed for nothing. He threatens North Korea with regime change; then threatens war when they do the sensible thing to thwart U.S.-led regime change…obtain a nuclear arsenal.

Graham is always first in the well of the Senate threatening war, whether it’s Iraq, Libya, Syria, Iran or now North Korea. It does no good for North Korea to seek peace with the U.S. by abandoning nukes. Iraq tried that and got their regime changed. Libya tried that and got their regime changed. Sen. Graham can’t wait for the “rocket’s red glare” over Pyongyang. He, not Kim Jung Un, is the original “Little Rocket Man.”

Walt Zlotow, Glen Ellyn

Little-noticed feature

A little-noticed feature of the GOP tax bill is a provision allowing oil exploration in the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve. But what’s a few million acres of pristine wilderness to Republicans when you’re already drilling the middle class?

Daniel Welch, Glen Ellyn

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