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The early NCAA tourney seeds are in — and for the B1G, it’s ugly

Kris Jenkins and the defending national champion Villanova Wildcats would be seeded No. 1 overall if the NCAA Tournament were to begin today. | Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Hey, Wisconsin: You’re 21-3. You’re 10-1 in the Big Ten. But you don’t matter.

Hey, Big Ten: You’re still here? The NCAA Tournament selection committee almost forgot you exist at all.

The committee revealed its current top 16 seeds on Saturday, a list that hardly matters given there’s an entire month to go until conference tournaments are over. But still, it’s interesting — and, for Big Ten fans, no doubt discouraging — to look at.

From the ACC alone, five teams. From the Big 12 and Pac-12, three apiece. From the Big East and SEC, two apiece. And then, of course, there’s unbeaten Gonzaga.

Thanks for playing, Big Ten!

The 1-16 (AP rankings in parentheses):

1. Villanova (2)

2. Kansas (3)

3. Baylor (6)

4. Gonzaga (1)

5. North Carolina (8)

6. Florida State (14)

7. Louisville (4)

8. Oregon (5)

9. Arizona (9)

10. Virginia (12)

11. Florida (17)

12. Kentucky (15)

13. Butler (22)

14. West Virginia (13)

15. UCLA (10)

16. Duke (18)

Also, how the committee divided the teams by region:

East: Villanova, Louisville, Kentucky, UCLA.

Midwest: Kansas, Florida State, Arizona, Duke.

South: Baylor, North Carolina, Florida, Butler.

West: Gonzaga, Oregon, Virginia, West Virginia.

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