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Derek Jeter is going to be a father … and it’s a girl!

Derek Jeter’s wife, Hannah, got the latest scoop on the New York Yankees superstar’s private life, posting a story today on Derek’s site, The Players’ Tribune.

The Jeters are going to have a baby. And judging by the balloons, they are expecting a girl.

“On May 14, the Yankees will retire Derek’s number,” Hannah wrote in her post, which also reveals that she priginally thought Derek was a pitcher, not a shortstop. “It’s a significant moment, and one that’s had me thinking a lot about the end of his playing career — those last two years for him as a player, that also happened to be the first two years for us as a couple. Big moments have a funny way of doing that, I think — of getting you to look over your shoulder and reflect.

“Big moments also have a funny way of making you look ahead.

“Now, pregnant with our first child, Derek and I are looking to the future.”

Hannah writes that Derek already has a name in mind.

“Whatever her name is, I know she’ll run circles around him,” she wrote.

Will the Jeter children be ballplayers?

“If they want to play baseball,” she wrote, “well, we’re gonna have a little talk first.”