Beat the Champs: Half the field, Section 4/Will Cty & Fox Valley

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Cool signs were on display earlier this winter at Palos Lanes for Beat the Champions; the women’s finals are today at Bluebird Lanes.
Credit: Dale Bowman

Kevin Comiskey gives new meaning to expectant bowling.

“She gave me permission to bowl,’’ said Comiskey, whose wife Carly is expecting twins any day.

Bowl he did, rolling an 815 scratch series to win the men’s side of the Section 4/Will County sectional of the 56th Beat the Champions Saturday at Palos Lanes in Palos Hills.

Alicia Maze, a suite attendant from Chicago, surrounded by friends and family, won the women’s side with a 764.

Comiskey, who advanced from the Midway Sportsmen League (his team Homewreckers is currently in first) at Arena Lanes, opened the first two games with nine strikes.

“I just didn’t carry on those balls,’’ said Comiskey, an Oak Lawn man in sales.

But he was consistently carried about everything else with games of 268, 279 and 268.

“I didn’t move one time, it was the same shot all day,’’ Comiskey said.

“I was throwing a Freak’n Frantic ball and stayed in one spot all day,’’ seconded Paul McElvaine, a Chicagoan who was second with a scratch 807.

Maze, who had consistent games of 223, 247 and 211 to go with 83 pins of handicap, had her mother Patrice Maze, fiancee Mario McKelvin, her grandmother Nadine Jones, her “bestie’’ Siara McMullan, and the spirit of her late father, Walter Scott Maze Jr. to carry on. Maze only left two opens.

Susan Shelton, an auto worker from Crown Point, Ind., won a roll-off, 220-218, over Deshonatay Holland for the final qualifier.

Cathy Matthews, a data base administrator from Chicago, was second with a 719 and makes her second trip to the finals.

“It liked my ball [an Ebonite Mission],’’ she said. “It was hooking and I am a lefty.’’

There was some serious bowling going on. Shawn Totton rolled his first 300 in the second game and had a 705 series, but finished well out of the advancers at 26th.

The top 15 women and top 13 men advanced to the BTC finals. This year the top prize in the finals for both the women’s and men’s champions is $7,500.

Chris Schuch, an Oak Lawn ironworker, and Louis Gorcos, a Crown Point businessman, reached the finals for a second time.

Other men advancing were Carold Joyce, an educator from Matteson; Ross Carmody, a manager from Mokena; Keith Plocharczyk, a Crestwood man in pest control; Marcus Marin, a production manager from Bridgeview; Nathan Wiltgen, a retail manager from Tinley Park; Darron Brown, a Chicago paralegal; Kevin Payne, a Chicago athletic trainer; Bryon Johnson, a child advocate from Calumet City; and Stephen Tate, a Chicago city worker.

Other women advancing included Veda Mitchell, a clinical compliance coordinator from Chicago; Monica Biliskov, a Chicagoan manager at Cupid Candies; Carmen Dunbar, an IT specialist from Richton Park; Evelyn Martin, who had the final 700 game (709); Regina Foreman, a Chicago retiree; Sonya Ector, a custodian from Park Forest; Bettina Jackson, a service engineer from Palos Hills; Jojo Pettitt, an Orland Park woman who works at Lockport Animal Hospital; Gina Damon, a credit manager from Orland Hills; Gina Gato, a surgical tech from Woodridge; LaTonya Davis, a certified nursing assistant from Country Club Hills; and Sheila Byers, a sales manager from Plainfield

BTC is a handicapped charity tournament put on by the Chicagoland Bowling Proprietors Association with the Sun-Times as the media sponsor. It has raised more than $2.8 million for charity, so far.

FOX VALLEY: Brandon Donnelly and Deb Hauswirth set the pace at the Fox Valley sectional at Liberty Lanes in Carpentersville. Donnelly, a 208-average scratch bowler, shot 279-258-206 for a 743.He was one of three Fox Bowl men qualifying for the finals.

“We advanced two from our pair today; Daniel Strubel was the other,’’ Donnelly said. “I like to think we paced each other.’’

Hauswirth, who averages 162 at Poplar Creek Bowl, checked in with games of 210-192-197. She added 129 handicap pins for 728. Ironically, Hauswirth placed last in sectional competition two years ago. Hauswirth and two other Fox Bowl entries, Nikki Pietrzak and Jill Salvesen, advance to the women’s finals.

On the men’s side, three Fox Bowlers–Donnelly, Strubel and Carlos R. Lewis Jr.–, and Patrick Murphy from Lisle Lanes advanced.

Contributing: Lydia Rypcinski

Here are the bowlers’ scores:

Section 4/Will County Sectional

Palos Lanes, Palos Hills

Saturday’s results

(Top 15 women and 13 men advance to the finals, pending verification)


Bowler, Center G1-G2-G3-HDP–TOT

Alicia Maze, Arena 223-247-211-83–764

Cathy Matthews, Castaways 195-208-233-83–719

Veda Mitchell, Castaways 164-264-204-86–718

Monica Biliskov, El-Mar 189-222-244-59–714

Carmen Dunbar, Lakewood 246-174-208-83–711

Evelyn Martin, Arena 155-215-196-143–709

Regina Foreman, Burr Oak 225-176-163-135–699

Sonya Ector, Castaways 153-155-218-167–693

Bettina Jackson, Burr Oak 185-200-202-94–681

Jojo Pettitt, Palos 193-168-153-167–681

Gina Damon, Orland 215-200-193-72–680

Gina Gato, Plainfield 147-184-155-194–680

LaTonya Davis, Lakewood 208-115-168-189–680

Sheila Byers, Tinley 183-177-176-143–679

#Sue Shelton, Arena 204-177-169-126–676

Deshonatay Holland, Burr Oak 221-246-196-13–676

Latrice Thomas, Oak Forest 141-158-177-199–675

Yvette Robertson, Dolton 201-171-205-97–674

Caryl Walsh, Orland 144-178-167-183–672

Helene Longino, El-Mar 202-171-238-59–670

Katrina Smith, Orland 187-194-214-75–670

Sheri Jones, Castaways 150-216-200-102–668

Beverly Walker, Burr Oak 175-135-159-197–666

Michelle Plant, Castaways 193-201-234-37–665

Amanda Hedstrom, Palos 133-147-145-240–665

Christina Andes, El-Mar 177-178-161-148–664

Nydia Martinez, Palos 124-165-132-243–664

Patty Hart, Orland 153-2227-232-51–663

Toni Pidrak, Orland 177-171-159-156–663

Pegi Artley, Laraway 220-180-149-113–662

Sharon Pasch, Peotone 160-192-184-126—662

Sharon Kozy, Lynwood 213-187-191-70–661

Brenda Oliver, Dolton 212-210-193-45–660

Britne Porter, Arena 154-155-167-183–659

Vickie Bugel, Oak Forest 101-159-199-199–658

Brittany Calatayud, Arena 184-148-182-143–657

Gwendolyn Franklin, Dolton 176-190-201-89–656

Kelleigh Williams, Dolton 163-238-207-43–651

Sherry Coles, Lakewood 156-170-216-108–650

Peggy Heinstra, Oak Forest 194-135-201-116–646

Cheryl Robinson, Arena 131-157-145-213–646

Christine Davie-Stewart, Burr Oak 139-166-128-210–643

Alyssa Plunge, Town & Country 178-198-194-70–640

Kathleen Hall, Orland 125-157-146-210–638

Tasha Bullock, Dolton 181-160-202-94–637

Jean Wilkins, Dolton 159-113-145-218–635

Jacqueline Nelson, Arena 180-171-180-102–633

Francina Bess, Burr Oak 142-161-138-189–630

Tinecha Banks, Dolton 212-214-156-45–629

Yvonne Dunnett, Arena 193-165-203-67–628

Tuesday Jones, Dolton 207-224-141-56–628

Karen Barnett-Lee, Castaways 143-110-167-207–627

Morgan Flaherty, Orland 196-183-247-0–626

Erin Williams, Centennial 192-172-172-89–625

Jaime Kulik, Orland 212-207-205-0–624

Beverly Wooley, Lakewood 180-172-154-118–624

Virginia Hank, Plainfield 123-178-144-178–623

Jennifer French, Burr Oak 157-168-180-116–621

Carol Redman, Castaways 191-167-164-99–621

Nancy Brandes, Oak Forest 134-136-123-226-619

Debra Beggs, Palos 130-152-183-153–618

Sharon Klepser, Laraway 236-119-118-243–616

Emma Ivey, Dolton 138-144-182-151–615

Carmela Dawson, Castaways 132-159-183-140–614

Kristal Schultz, Oak Forest 168-213-214-18–613

Renee Cahue, Centennial 151-179-152-129–611

Nettie Stewart, Oak Forest 149-175-113-172–609

Tiffany Parker, Castaways 192-187-159-70–608

Laura Conrad, Palos 130-144-147-186–607

Laura Rossi, Orland 130-144-147-186–607

Roshelle Douglas, Burr Oak 131-136-168-170–605

Mary Ellen Coluzzi, Orland 144-150-127-183–604

Odella Larry, Tinley 136-130-130-205–601

Jennette Swick, Palos 184-122-151-143–600

Mary Edborg, Orland 125-190-149-135–599

Patti Sheehy, Arena 142-138-175-143–598

Kaylan Howard, Lakewood 140-158-140-159–597

Vestie Hight, Burr Oak 168-209-133-86–596

Elinor Chandler, Castaways 136-162-200-94–592

Elizabeth Fazy, Oak Forest 168-180-168-75–591

Susan Miller, El-Mar 112-128-109-240–589

Patricia Quayle, Lan Oak 150-210-219-10–589

Mary Bland, Castaways 159-158-153-118–588

Denise Driscoll, Tinley 163-193-221-10–587

Wendy Rada, Tinley 128-141-152-164–585

Kathleen Ward, Arena 156-134-134-159–583

Nadine Hunt, Palos 139-162-157-124–582

Reola Jackson, Dolton 123-133-113-213–582

Roberta Reynolds, Palos 83-127-128-243–581

Lynn Chrapkiewicz, Palos 139-166-147-137–580

Wendy Chasten, Tinley 148-169-190-70–577

Belinda Montgomery, Burr Oak 157-134-134-151–576

Grace Austin, Arena 105-123-104-243–575

Concheata Jones, Castaways 111-111-137-216–575

Patty Turner, Orland 164-183-157-70–574

Felia Johnson, Castaways 164-163-171-75–573

Juanita Turney, Palos 191-152-150-78–571

Linda Carr, Lakewood 100-113-112-243–568

Valori Roberts, Oak Forest 122-100-102-243–567

Laura Conrad, Palos 133-152-151-129–565

Geraldine Turman, Dolton 154-134-181-91–560

Denise Massey, Burr Oak 174-179-160-45–558

Shirley Howard, Dolton 154-136-134-129–553

Karen Baker, Palos 170-156-165-59–550

Shirley Deberry, Dolton 131-112-129-178–550

Rose Petertil, Centennial 96-180-134-135–545

Kim Lewis, Orland 158-150-154-81–543

Jeannie Baker, Dolton 81-96-113-243–533

Debra Jones, Centennial 80-88-112-243–523

Carol Jones, Dolton 127-158-118-118–521

Sandy Potter, Centennial 120-113-133-137–503

# Shelton won roll-off 220-218.


Bowler, Center G1-G2-G3-HDP–TOT

Kevin Comiskey, Arena 268-279-268-0–815

Paul McElvaine, Castaways 280-259-268-0–807

Chris Schuch, Tinley 256-247-279-0–782

Carnold Joyce, Tinley 256-245-222-56–779

Ross Carmody, Centennial 279-256-236-0–771

Keith Plocharczyk, Arena 253-212-234-70–769

Marcus Marin, Arena 255-214-245-51–765

Nathan Wiltgen, Oak Forest 232-225-235-56–748

Darron Brown, Dolton 280-180-234-48–742

Kevin Payne, Burr Oak 243-268-203-27–741

Louis Gorcos, Oak Forest 269-226-241-0–736

Byron Johnson, Burr Oak 267-212-256-0–735

Stephen Tate, Arena 246-210-227-51–734

Kenneth Weaver, Castaways 277-224-224-8–733

Justin Finnen, Orland 279-254-199-0–732

Danny Jones, Dolton 212-254-234-32–732

Robert Stringham, Palos 234-227-269-0–730

Darryl Anthony, Centennial 249-212-237-29–727

Norman Bascomb, Castaways 184-200-224-113–721

Russell Peterlin, Lan Oak 254-255-208-0–717

Anthony Biliunas, Oak Forest 248-221-183-64–716

Howard Russell, Oak Forest 245-223-200-43–711

Arnel Dumlao, Orland 234-209-210-45–708

Jeffrey Sparrow, Dolton 225-224-191-67–707

Dino Woods, Castaways 241-228-235-2–706

Shawn Totton, El Mar 238-300-167-0–705

Mike Walker, Arena 226-215-172-91–704

Michael Byrd, Dolton 178-210-233-81–702

Kevin Russell, Dolton 224-256-204-10–694

Ronald Jones, Dolton 159-218-181-135–693

Christopher Robinson, Burr Oak 193-235-205-59–692

Larue Williams, Burr Oak 166-258-195-72–691

Dwight Solomon, Dolton 222-278-173-13–686

Lyndon Darden, Castaways 237-205-203-40–685

Dan Vater, Tinley 183-256-211-35–685

Mike Lalowski, Orland 277-215-192-0–684

Arlemmie Thirus, Castaways 200-223-167-94–684

Ted Rosado, El Mar 202-220-167-94–683

Bruce Matthews, Lakewood 244-216-173-48–681

Tony Biliskov, El Mar 211-215-230-24–680

Joe Martin, Arena 137-163-191-189–680

Timothy Powell, Dolton 181-209-197-91–678

Sam Dowell, Dolton 248-226-203-0–677

Pat Higgins, Arena 223-206-191-56–676

Bob Vandrey, Tinley 244-177-209-45–675

Brian Kara, Orland 230-202-240-0–672

Jim McCarthy, Palos 208-187-131-145–671

Anthony King, Lakewood 164-167-210-129–670

John Gasca Jr, Palos 217-230-222-0-669

Carlil Pittman, Arena 146-183-188-148–665

Paul Burlingame, Peotone 202-187-232-43–664

Mike Jerrigan, Burr Oak 158-214-194-97–663

Vernell Gaines, Burr Oak 241-201-205-16–663

George Donelsen, Lakewood 188-208-210-56–662

Willie Ash, Tinley 212-178-225-43–658

Claude Zaba, Oak Forest 224-188-189-56–657

Stash Kullman, Orland 238-214-204-0–656

Brian Lundy, Palos 181-235-187-51–654

Donald Evans, Castaways 186-189-210-67–652

Samuel Perkins, Castaways 216-209-165-62–652

Neal Outerbridge, Burr Oak 226-233-191-0–651

Jim Bergstrom, Orland 162-209-258-21–650

Kevin Phillips, Centennial 167-234-210-37–648

Larry Seymour, Laraway 140-170-174-164–648

Bill Stermer, Arena 172-190-233-51–646

Joe Jandek, Laraway 155-144-157-189–645

Jeff Brown, Peotone 175-176-156-137–644

William Nipp Jr, Palos 184-181-204-75–644

Antoine Hollis, Lakewood 214-156-195-78–643

Edward Kimbrough, Burr Oak 174-211-218-40–643

Marty Vihnanek, Plainfield 205-233-203-0–641

John Martin, Palos 167-177-245-51–640

Herbert Johnson, Lakewood 190-157-171-118–636

Calvin Simmons, Orland 211-203-166-56–636

Brian Whitten, Oak Forest 215-224-195-0–634

Paul Shackelford, Burr Oak 178-191-172-91–632

Arlanza Townsend, Dolton 164-243-215-10–632

Joseph Packwood, Palos 214-207-193-16–630

Leo Sansone, Orland 224-202-176-27–629

Anthony Edwards, Lakewood 222-187-171-48–628

Michael Palomar, Town & Country 233-179-195-21–628

Jim Kupiec, Orland 168-175-201-81–625

Josh Powell, Orland 226-186-213-0–625

Derek Strom, Centennial 231-159-201-32–623

Walter Brown, Dolton 201-165-180-75–621

David Jackson, Dolton 255-181-185-0–621

James Ingerly, Oak Forest 213-176-177-54–620

Marcus Hill, Castaways 236-194-174-13–617

Rick Woloszyn, Lan Oak 185-255-177-0–617

Gus Marks, Dolton 217-163-191-45–616

John Green Jr, Dolton 150-151-160-145–606

Chris Wirt, Oak Forest 189-202-215-0–606

Willie Stewart, Oak Forest 190-181-192-40–603

Chuck Schwenn, Oak Forest 179-160-190-72–601

Anthony Campione, Peotone 194-180-152-72–598

Matt Kloos, Palos 149-166-189-91–595

Joe Nincevich, Arena 146-221-165-62–594

Tom Thompson, Oak Forest 203-162-130-99–594

Daniel Crawford, Arena 191-191-211-0–593

James Brison, El Mar 186-126-170-105–587

David Harris, Oak Forest 170-169-186-62–587

Wayne Coatley, Laraway 147-165-178-94–584

Bob Schaffer, Orland 173-126-167-118–584

Wayne Zych, Oak Forest 196-181-162-45–584

Ronald Robinson, Oak Forest 146-168-192-75–581

Hakeem Sisney, Dolton 159-201-153-67–580

Lawrence Brooks Jr, Centennial 126-181-158-110–575

Michael Buctel Bodar, Lynwood 199-182-193-0–574

Todd Kany, Plainfield 164-212-151-45–572

Bob Klip, Orland 144-211-145-72–572

Steve Florek, Palos 194-174-201-2–571

Andy Kubitz, Orland 188-157-183-43–571

Glen Hines, Oak Forest 180-190-170-29–569

Dwayne Dillard, Castaways 176-201-183-5–565

Kenneth Hofmann, Orland 162-182-220-0–564

Bobby Harris, Castaways 155-138-183-86–562

Dwayne Lightning, Castaways 158-127-147-89–562

Greg Blake, Orland 152-149-144-110–555

Tim Eggert, Centennial 151-161-150-89–551

George Turner III, Castaways 217-162-170-0–549

Jonathan Strache, Palos 209-127-169-40–545

Johnell Swanson, Burr Oak 130-154-193-56–533

Lloyd Bilek, Tinley 146-160-211-8–525

Matthew Krebs, Tinley 146-160-211-8–525

Ralf Lipp, Orland 168-150-180-13–511

Matt Waliszowski, Palos 128-172-166-189–455

William Freeman, Lan Oak 230-202-DNF-0–432

Fox Valley Sectional

Liberty Lanes, Carpentersville

Saturday’s results

(Top four men and three women advance, pending verification)


Bowler, center, G1-G2-G3-HDC–TOT

Brandon Donnelly, Fox 279-258-206-0–743

Carlos Lewis, Fox 232-201-202-89–724

Pat Murphy, Lisle 266-189-222-37–714

Daniel Strubel, Fox 233-246-212-0–691

Dave McKee, Poplar Creek 235-251-198-0–684

Jason Jarrett, Lisle 211-170-227-70–678

Sean Moriarty, Lisle 171-235-178-81–665

Joe Lichner, Funway 212-257-174-10–653

Terry Lyon, Mardi Gras 199-202-238-13–652

Shaun Doane, Wheaton 165-163-142-180–650

Gregory Johnson, Hometown 188-219-179-64–650

Jason Ramsey, Poplar Creek 181-175-240-0–646

David Rudolph, Bowlway 224-191-160-70–645

Ray Cebulski, Lisle 242-134-178-89–643

Joe Kielma Jr., Fox 142-215-166-116–639

Jeffrey Vaughn, Poplar Creek 172-174-256-37–639

Ted Vargas, Hometown 214-183-227-13–637

Aaron Menchaca, Liberty 219-186-186-40–631

Bill Geiersbach, Poplar Creek 191-213-227-0–631

Doug Coverston, Wheaton 182-118-146-175–621

Kevin Lindgren, Four Seasons 172-168-189-89–618

Keith Gilmartin, Fox 223-170-210-0–603

Amos Torres, Fox 204-213-175-10–602

Corey Petrie, Four Seasons 193-171-158-78–600

Steve Debott, Hometown 181-169-122-126–598

Scott Bos, Liberty 142-144-194-118–598

Rich Bunza, Lisle 190-151-163-91–595

James Cradduck, Mardi Gras 214-212-169-0–595

Drew Steinbach, Fox 177-159-189-59–584

Dan Daniels, Poplar Creek 185-167-166-62–580

Ron Michalcean II, Poplar Creek 192-204-180-0–576

David Wronkiewicz, Poplar Creek 150-211-193-18–572

Scott Raines, Mardi Gras 170-155-180-27–532

Jeff Carpenter, Fox 165-141-157-64–527

Rich Owens, Hometown 173-153-150-48–524

Don Soucek, Fox 129-143-150-99–521

Kyle Baum, Hometown 142-145-161-18–516


Bowler, center, G1-G2-G3-HDC–TOT

Deb Hauswirth, Poplar Creek 210-192-197-129–728

Nicki Pietrzak, Fox 176-188-226-108–698

Jill Salvesen, Fox 211-248-187-21–667

Judith Breisch, Funway 157-192-212-102–663

Tracy Schmidt, Liberty 244-153-149-113–659

Skyla Strum, Four Seasons 201-212-168-56–637

Donna Gawlik, Poplar Creek 214-186-181-45–626

Linda Curley, Bowlway 171-159-192-99–621

Brandee Decker, Mardi Gras 172-221-139-86–618

Cornelia Krueger, Lisle 149-129-115-224–617

Jenelle Hardtke, Lisle 130-143-129-207–609

Donna Milas, Poplar Creek 111-163-135-189–598

Gaye Wankewycz, Fox 132-139-184-140–595

Jen Carlino, Idle Hour 159-159-181-94–593

Edwina Mitchell, Lisle 203-181-149-59–592

Bridget Haritos, Lisle 150-153-146-143–592

Nancy Gray, Poplar Creek 195-175-187-32–589

Beth Fitzenreider, Mardi Gras 212-174-150-48–584

Brooke Yergovich, Fox 129-103-104-243–579

Bobbie Coleman, Mardi Gras 173-185-144-62–564

Linda Kenny, Lisle 113-136-132-180–561

Jamie Murphy, Hometown 113-141-180-126–560

Debbie Morris, Fox 79-112-132-229–552

Jan Schmidt, Poplar Creek 169-187-161-16–533

Karissa Rudow, Hometown 114-133-118-113–478

Lisa Tierney, Hometown 111-143-106-105–465



Sunday, Feb. 19: Section 3, Waveland Bowl, Chicago


Sunday, March 5: Men’s finals, Arena Lanes, Oak Lawn, noon

Sunday, March 12: Women’s finals, Bluebird Lanes, Chicago, noon

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