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Editorial: Kraft Heinz fumbles Super Bowl holiday campaign

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Follow @csteditorialsWe have looked at this six ways from Smunday, and it’s a cheesy idea.

For the sole purpose of grabbing a little attention in a year when it’s not running TV ads during the Super Bowl, Kraft Heinz is promoting a fanciful online petition drive to get Congress to declare the day after the big football game a national holiday. They would call it “Smunday.” Millions of people skip work that day anyway, the company argues, so why not?


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To help the story along, the food giant, co-headquartered in Chicago and Pittsburgh, also is giving the day off to its salaried workers, though not to those in the factories who punch a time clock.

So let’s understand. Kraft Heinz wants the whole country to take off Smunday. But it won’t give all its workers the day off this time around.

We can’t help but recall how the company slashed thousands of jobs two years ago after the merger of Kraft and Heinz. For many of those workers, it’s been Smunday ever since, without the paycheck.

We do like the idea of a sports-themed national holiday. But we’re thinking Nov. 2. That’s the day the Cubs won the World Series after 108 years in the wilderness.

Mets and Cardinals fans might disagree.

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