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Illinois sees mild January; temperatures 5 degrees above normal

Temperatures were just barely below freezing when the Chicago Polar Bear Club held its 16th annual Polar Plunge on Jan. 28. | Santiago Covarrubias/Sun-Times

CHAMPAIGN — Illinois state climate experts say the temperature during January was 5 degrees above normal and the state recorded its 14th-warmest January on record.

Jim Angel is the Illinois state climatologist with the University of Illinois’ State Water Survey. Angel says the statewide average temperature during January was 31.4 degrees. The survey says above-normal temperatures during January spanned the entire state of Illinois and snowfall during the month was almost non-existent. Less than an inch of snow fell in many locations, which the water survey says was “well below normal statewide.”

Statewide the average precipitation during January was 2.16 inches, which is about normal. The state’s weather experts say that in general eastern and northern Illinois were wet and western and southern Illinois were drier than normal.