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Cubs among ‘number of clubs’ vying for 2020 All-Star Game

Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred speaking to media Tuesday at the Arizona Biltmore.

PHOENIX – An All-Star Game for the Cubs in 2020, when Wrigley renovations are scheduled to be done?

Not so fast, commissioner Rob Manfred said during his annual Arizona spring-training media session.

“I don’t want to say anything that would suggest that I’m anywhere near making a decision,” Manfred said Tuesday when asked about the Cubs and the next available All-Star year, citing the fact “a number of clubs” are lobbying for games.

Cubs officials hoped to target 2020 for the first Wrigley All-Star game since 1990.

“I will say this,” Manfred added. “A renovated Wrigley Field would be a great location for an All-Star Game, and Chicago’s a great city.

“Over time we have tried to go to cities that will be great locations for a game and to reward cities that have made substantial investments in either new or renovated facilities.”