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Cubs get ‘angry’ with new Cactus League cap for 2017

Spring training caps and uniforms have taken a new twist in recent years and Major League Baseball unveiled the 2017 collection Friday morning.

The typical gear won’t change much for the Cubs and White Sox, but the Cubs’ alternate is a tip of the cap to the “angry cub” logo that graced their uniforms from 1979 to 1993.

Check out all of the MLB spring fashions in this terrific post from our friend Chris Creamer at Other than the Cubs’ new hat, the Yankees are offering a lid that puts their famous pinstripes on the bill.

The White Sox, who had one of the coolest upgrades last spring by featuring their retro batterman logo, will stick with the same look this year.

Pitchers and catchers for the Cubs and White Sox report on Feb. 14.