Letters: Put kids first and fix Chicago Public Schools

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Illinois Secretary of Education Beth Purvis (left) wrote an open letter to CPS parents, blaming the district’s “continued mismanagement” for its financial struggles. | Sun-Times file photo

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A headline states that Illinois Secretary of Education Beth Purvis “tells parents CPS made its own mess” (Feb. 7). So for years now, each side has been blaming someone else for the problem. Shouldn’t all that energy be focused, not on who caused the problem, but fixing the problem? Voters need to clean the slate and elect people who are concerned about the children.

Larry Meinen, Park Ridge

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DeVos unqualified to lead education

What a wonderful moment it would have been, after those deeply dedicated to the education of our children all over the nation spoke out in massive numbers against her confirmation, if this new administration could have had the moral integrity to withdraw our new Department of Education head, Betsy DeVos, from being considered for a job she is singularly unqualified for (“Pence breaks tie, Trump’s ed secretary DeVos confirmed” — Feb. 7). She has had zero teaching experience, let alone any connection to public schools in general. She has not even been a parent of or been a student in a public school.

Her sole “qualification” is that she is an advocate for the privatization of schools and thus the destruction of public education in America. Another Cabinet position given to a person who is dedicated to the decimation of the department they head.

Thanks again, all you disaffected voters who yearned for an autocratic fascistic government.

Edward Juillard, Chicago Lawn

Take honest vote on ‘grand bargain’

Buried in an article about the budget mess in Springfield is a single paragraph that should make every voter in the state furious (“Some optimism, some ‘trepidation’ as Senate mulls ‘grand bargain’ — Feb. 7). “Senators are expected to take a structured roll call on at least some of the bills — which would spare some legislators from taking unpopular votes. It would allow senators in safe districts who are likely to be re-elected to take some of the toughest votes.” Our state senators are elected for one reason — to serve the people of Illinois, not to protect their jobs at all costs. Tough votes are part of the job, and to blatantly admit that some will skip votes so that they can get re-elected is a slap in the face to every citizen of this state. It is incredulous to think that this is not only allowed but encouraged. Are there no spines in the state Capitol? And we wonder why the mass exodus of people fleeing the state continues.

Scot Sinclair, Third Lake

Look closely for ties to Putin

“There should be an immediate and thorough investigation of President Trump’s personnel and financial connections to Russian President Vladimir Putin. But it should be an independent investigation, conducted by the likes of Colin Powell or someone of his stature, with subpoena power to access Trump’s tax returns (‘Letters to the editor: FBI can’t be trusted to investigate Putin ties’ — Feb. 7).”

I wholeheartedly agree with the above statement.

Don Myers, Citrus Heights, California

Weight of presidency bears down on Trump

In my mind’s eye, I see Kermit the frog singing “It’s not easy being green.” Then I find myself visualizing President Trump singing in the shower “It’s not easy being President.” Now that the adulation of adoring campaign crowds is over, the president may find, as President Obama did, that the White House is a sort of isolating prison where only hard and confounding work awaits.

Mary F. Warren, Wheaton

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