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Bears’ QB situation is fluid, but GM Ryan Pace likes his options

SHARE Bears’ QB situation is fluid, but GM Ryan Pace likes his options
SHARE Bears’ QB situation is fluid, but GM Ryan Pace likes his options

INDIANAPOLIS — General manager Ryan Pace characterized the Bears’ future at quarterback, including what happens with Jay Cutler, as a fluid situation.

“A lot’s got to play out,” Pace said Wednesday at the Indiana Convention Center. “I think in general, the quarterback situation — and obviously that’s the hot topic and it should be — there’s a lot of scenarios right now. And there’s a lot of different things that can happen.

“It is fluid, and it’s fluid throughout this week and as we approach free agency and even after free agency. It’s our responsibility to have a plan in place, which we do, that’s flexible and adaptable as the landscape’s changing.”

Of course, Cutler’s future with the Bears after eight seasons with them is in doubt. He’s available on the trade market — a process, according to a league source, that Cutler has a say in.

Pace made it a point to say that he values working with Cutler’s agent, Bus Cook. He said that there have been a lot of conversations.

“We’re close,” said Pace, who also is communicating with Cutler. “In times like these, that relationship is important because we can be honest and transparent. I think he’s one of the top agents out there. That helps in this process.”

Pace said that the Bears have an “incomplete” evaluation of Cutler’s 2016 season because of his injuries. He only started five games. But Pace said the Cutler is “far along” in his rehab following surgery on his right shoulder.

In general, Pace said that he was excited about the “number of different options” available to address quarterback this offseason. Jimmy Garoppolo might not be an option, though. ESPN reported early Tuesday that the Patriots are not expected to trade him.

“Whether it’s a trades free agents or draft or staying with the course with what we have, there’a lot of different options,” Pace said. “And honestly I just have to be flexible because there’s some unpredictable things that can happen along the way.”

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