Garrett Glover in custody late Friday | Cook County sheriff’s department

Murder suspect released by accident is back in custody

SHARE Murder suspect released by accident is back in custody
SHARE Murder suspect released by accident is back in custody

A man who was mistakenly released last week after being charged with murder in a shooting on the Dan Ryan Expressway in 2012 has been recaptured.

Federal marshals captured Garrett Glover just before 11 p.m. Friday as he slepton the floor in the apartment of a relative’s girlfriend in Lithonia, Georgia, an Atlanta suburb, according to the Illinois Department of Corrections and the Cook County sheriff’s office.

Glover was “erroneously” released to a parole program instead of being sent back to the Stateville Correctional Centerafter a Feb. 24 court hearing, according to the sheriff’s office. Corrections officials blamed the error onthe sheriff’s office, citing its “failure to provide the IDOC with proper paperwork.”

Plans were being made to bring Glover back to Illinois, where he’ll face escapecharges and parole violations, according to the Department of Corrections.

In 2014, Glover was taken into custody and charged with an armed robbery, according to Cara Smith, Cook County Sheriff’s Dept. spokeswoman.

Then, in 2015, Glover was charged with murder in connection with a Sept. 5, 2012, shooting on the southbound Dan Ryan on the Far South Side.

Last week, Glover was convicted of the armed robbery charge and sentenced to 4 years in prison, Smith said. He was taken to the IDOC intake center in Stateville, but employees there determined he had been in Cook County custody long enough to fulfill his time for the robbery conviction.

Patrick Calvin | Cook County sheriff’s department

Patrick Calvin | Cook County sheriff’s department

“He should have been returned to custody of the Cook County Jail on the murder case,” Smith said.

Instead, he was released from custody on Thursday from Stateville, near Crest Hillin Will County.

The Department of Corrections did not receive any additional documentation or information from Cook County indicating Glover should have been held beyond his release date on the armed robbery charge, spokeswoman Nicole Wilson said in a statement.

“Based on the information we were given, we released him on purpose in accordance with the law,” Wilson said early Saturday.

When the Cook County state’s attorney’s office contacted corrections officials asking why Glover had been released, that agency contacted the sheriff’s office, which initially said the murder charges against Glover had been dropped, according to Wilson. The manhunt began Feb. 27, when the agencies realized the error.

“We’re not saying we couldn’t have done things better, and we’re going to look at our process and shore up what needs to be addressed,” Smith said. “But a 30-second look at Glover’s criminal history would have revealed that there’s an open murder case.”

Glover, 29, and Patrick Calvin, 23, were arrested in April 2015 and charged with murder in the fatal shooting of Larry Porter on the Dan Ryan near 87th Street.

Tyronne Mixon | Cook County sheriff’s department

Tyronne Mixon | Cook County sheriff’s department

A third man, 23-year-old Chicago resident Tyronne Mixon, was also charged in the shooting and extradited from Wisconsin.

Mixon and Calvin are being held without bail at the Cook County Jail.

Porter, 25, was driving on Sept. 5, 2012, when a van pulled alongside near the 87th Street exit, according to prosecutors, who said the suspects were among several passengers in the van who fired multiple shots at Porter’s vehicle, striking him in the head.

Porter, of the 10000 block of South Parnell, lost control and drove into a building on Lafayette Avenue. He was dead at the scene. Another passenger suffered a graze wound to the head.

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