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Finally the reveal: Here are Cubs’ first-ever World Series rings

The long-awaited Chicago Cubs World Series rings are being distributed to players and employees — with a catch. | Jostens photo

Believed to be the priciest in baseball history, the Cubs received their first-ever World Series rings during a pregame ceremony at Wrigley Field on Wednesday night.

The rings, which were designed with input from players, feature 108 diamonds — marking the 108 years between World Series titles for the Cubs.

“You get the ring,” Anthony Rizzo, one of a handful of players with significant input in designing the historic rings, said of the anticipation. “For me to just give it to my dad and show him and see how happy he’s going to be, and my mom – to just show all my friends and family.”

When the Cubs won the World Series in 1907 and 1908, no rings were presented to players. Instead, players and staff received pins.