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Andy Karl, star of ‘Groundhog Day’ injured during performance

Andy Karl stars in the Broadway musical "Groundhog Day," based on the hit film. | JOAN MARCUS PHOTO

The new Broadway musical “Groundhog Day The Musical” came to a temporary halt Friday night when star Andy Karl was injured during a critics’ preview performance.

According to and other reports, the show’s curtain came down during one of final numbers in the musical:

“… the cast was told to clear the stage. Following a brief delay, a stage manager called for a doctor in the house, and after that told the audience that the show would resume shortly. When the curtain rose at about 10:45, the star, moving haltingly with the assist of a tall improvised walking stick and his game co-stars, was greeted with cheers from a relieved and enthusiastic audience. There was laughter and more cheering when he sang, “But I’m here and I’m fine.”

Karl finished the show (which is based on the Bill Murray film) and was reportedly off to see a doctor immediately after the curtain call.

Though the show officially opens Monday, reviewing media were in attendance Friday night when the injury (during the song “Philanthropy”) occurred. The musical has been plagued by technical mishaps, too, most notably to a series of turntables built into the floor of the set, which have malfunctioned during other preview performances.

Karl previously starred on Broadway as the title character in the 2014 production of “Rocky Balboa.”

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