Super rich jump to lead in race for governor

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Senate Bill 1353, which raises the Illinois personal needs allowance, will soon land on Gov. Bruce Rauner’s desk. | AP file photo

For governor, I’m backing the guy whose personal check I can match.

Let’s see, Gov. Bruce Rauner is the runaway leader in this horse race, having put $50 million of his billionaire wealth into his upcoming campaign. Democrat Jay Pritzker places with a cool $7 million. Chris Kennedy barely shows up to grab show with a paltry $250,000 in Kennedy cash. Still out of sight in last place is State Sen. Dan Biss, who just contributed $25 to his sensible people’s campaign, which rests on the wise fiscal solution to Illinois’ woes of a progressive income tax. Ironically, that contribution matches what I gave Biss on Day One of his campaign, as soon as he saddled up his financially austere gubernatorial thoroughbred.

Forget the deluge of money. I’m betting on the people to pick the winner in this high stakes race to save Illinois.

Walt Zlotow, Glen Ellyn

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At least they can’t blame Obama

After just three months in office, President Donald Trump has demonstrated that he is erratic, egotistical, has a problem with the truth and ignores promises made to the voters. However, the election of Trump may provide one benefit: Congressional Republicans will no longer be able to blame President Barack Obama and Democrats for their failure to enact meaningful legislation.

For years, the Republicans attempted to justify their abysmal legislative record with the excuse that Obama would veto any they did. So they did very little and blamed Obama.

Victor Darst, Huntley

Trump fans bamboozled

It is now obvious to all but the most rabid Donald Trump supporters that all those campaign promises were nothing more than the bloviations of a political apprentice looking to get elected (with Russian assistance). Trump’s promises were lies to get votes from ill-informed voters.

Trump has failed on Obamacare, immigration, China currency manipulation, creating new jobs and resetting relations with his Russian pals. Nothing has changed in Syria after one useless missile strike. Trump has reversed his stand that NATO is “obsolete.” If that “wall” is ever built, Americans will pay for it. And if tax reform ever happens, it will be a giveaway to Trump’s rich pals.

So, as the House, Senate and FBI continue investigations into Trump’s ties with Russia, perhaps leading to impeachable offenses, I hope Trump’s supporters regret how they were totally bamboozled.

Tom Minnerick, Elgin

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