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Bill O’Reilly may get $25 million payout: reports

Bill O'Reilly has been fired by Fox News Channel. | AP file photo

Bill O’Reilly, the fallen star of Fox News Channel, might receive as much as $25 million after being dropped.

The amount is equal to about a year’s salary for O’Reilly, who was formally let go Wednesday over allegations of sexual harassment and other inappropriate conduct. The amount was reported by several news outlets, all citing unnamed sources.

The New York Times first reported that five women received a total of $13 million, much of it paid by O’Reilly, after they complained about O’Reilly’s behavior.

The Times reported Thursday that payouts related to sexual harassment allegations at Fox News has cost parent company 21st Century Fox more than $85 million. The total includes up to $65 million being paid to the men forced out because of harassment allegations.