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Documentary on doc endorsed by stars coming to Chicago festival

Larry David | AP file photo

Among the films being featured at the upcoming 24th annual Chicago Underground Film Festival (running May 31 to June 4) will be “All the Rage,” directed by Michael Galinsky, Suki Hawley and David Belinson. The documentary focuses on the work and writings of Dr. John Sarno, whose book “Healing Back Pain” connects pain with emotions, rather than structural causes.

Not surprisingly, Sarno’s approach is considered controversial, if not heretical, by many in the medical community, but Sarno’s advocates include such well-known believers as Howard Stern, Larry David, Sarah Silverman, former presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, Sen. Tom Harkin, Pete Yorn, Richard Lewis and HBO director Jonathan Ames.

“All the Rage” will have its Midwest premiere at CUFF on Saturday, June 3, at the Logan Theater, 2646 N. Milwaukee Ave. Co-director Galinsky’s father read Dr. Sarno’s book in the 1980s and was miraculously cured of the chronic whiplash he had suffered for years. When Galinsky himself was immobilized by horrible back pain, he turned to Dr. Sarno for help — launching a dozen-year journey that culminated in the creation of “All the Rage.”

Dr. Sarno’s belief is that the medical system’s disregard for what he considers the true cause of pain — repressed emotions — has led to an epidemic-sized situation in America.