Attack on Drew Peterson was matter of dollars and cents

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Convicted wife killer Drew Peterson was attacked in prison. | Richard Drew/AP

The Peterson case . . .

Food fight?

Or entrepreneurship, prison style?

Having survived an attack in March by a fellow inmate armed with a food tray, convicted murderer Drew Peterson is alive and well enough to dispatch a birthday card recently to his attorney, Steven Greenberg.

So what prompted someone to attack Peterson, who is in federal prison in Terre Haute, Ind., with a tray?

“I’m told [Drew] got hit in the head by a food tray in an attempt to get him taken out of his cell long enough for his cellmate to swipe stuff from him he wanted to sell on eBay,” Greenberg said.

• Upshot: Peterson is housed in a segregated prison unit away from the general population since he was attacked on March 29, but not seriously hurt.

“Look,” said Greenberg. “I’m not holding his hand. I’m just waiting for the Illinois Supreme Court to rule on his case.”

Peterson is serving 78 years for murder and a murder-for-hire scheme and eligible for parole in 2081.

Whatever, Peterson’s birthday greeting to Greenberg was warm. It stated: “Just a quick note wishing you a happy birthday. Wow. 57. Hope all is well with you and your family.” [Greenberg’s birthday was May 4.]

• Added Greenberg: “I bet Peterson gets out before [former Illinois Gov. Rod] Blagojevich does.”

Place your bets.


Evil in the Oval?

Click. Click. Snap. Pop.

Good grief!

Sneed was stunned learning the only official snaps released by President Donald Trump with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in the Oval Office on Wednesday — were taken by the Russian photographer from TASS, a news organization controlled by the Russian government.

It made Sneed hit her f-stop!

Isn’t that like letting the lynx in the henhouse?

Imagine, gentle reader, spy gizmos hidden in the TASS camera equipment.

Imagine Lavrov, the spy recruiter, hootin’ with Russian President Vladimir Putin over what they found hidden behind the Oval Office walls . . . or under the president’s rug.

Rug as in carpet, not as in Trump’s mound of hair.

We know what’s under that mat.

Smoke and mirrors.

Police alert!

Bang. Bang.

Wisconsin to the rescue?

Sheriff David Mahoney of Dane County, Wis., tells Ald. Edward Burke (14th) his training team would “be excited to offer training and certification in patrol rifle” if the Chicago Police Department can cover the overtime costs and ammo.

The offer comes in the wake of two “miracle cops” shot by assault rifles, and Sneed’s tip there is a large backlog of cops who are waiting to be certified to carry rifles.

“If CPD can cover our overtime costs and ammo, we will provide the facility, trainers, lunch and certification,” Mahoney said. “If we were to do this on a weekend, we can provide our training center and all ranges exclusively to CPD and could get quite a few officers through the program. Look forward to putting this into action.”

Stay tuned.

All the way with CGK!

It’s war!

Drawing on the legendary Kennedy legacy, a spokesman for Dem gubernatorial candidate Chris Kennedy hit back at a report top Dem insiders including House Speaker Mike Madigan are pushing unions to back Dem opponent J.B. Pritzker to avoid a divisive primary.

“In 1960, party insiders tried to push John Kennedy out of the race for president, but he took his message directly to the primary voters. The thing about history is, if you don’t learn from it, you are doomed to repeat it. If a group of political insiders in Springfield think that they can bypass the voters and select a nominee, they have learned the wrong lessons from 1960 and from last year’s primary,” Mark Bergman said.

“Chris is in this race to stay.”

The ring’s the thing?

Pity poor Pippa.

As if the poor dear sister of Kate Middleton, the future queen of England, didn’t have plenty to do to get ready for her nuptials at month’s end.

• To wit: It was reported Pippa Middleton was enforcing a ‘no ring, no bring’ policy — which meant if you weren’t married or engaged you “no-could-come” to the wedding.

But, oh brother . . . there was the matter of the Kate’s brother-in-law, Prince Harry, who is only dating the Canadian beauty/actress Meghan Markle — the star of the TV show “Suits.”

So scratch an early report Markle wouldn’t be able to sparkle at the wedding.

She’s coming.

But it’s a safe bet the pop, pop of the paparazzi puts as much focus on Harry and Markle as the nuptials.

Sneedlings . . .

A music note: The cellist Yo-Yo Ma will definitely be accompanied by the Civic Orchestra of Chicago when he appears at a concert for peace June 11 at St. Sabina Church in the war-torn Auburn Gresham neighborhood — but it has yet to be confirmed musicians from the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, which Sneed reported, will be joining the program. . . . I spy: Actor Joe Mantegna spotted dining in a private room at Chicago Cut on Friday . . . . Ditto for Hamilton stars Ari Afsar and Joseph A. Morales. . . . NBA player and Chicago native Jabari Parker at Hugo’s Frog Bar on Wednesday. . . . Bulls star Jimmy Butler spotted at Gibsons on Rush Sunday. . . .Today’s birthdays: Tony Hawk, 49; Catherine Tate, 49, and Emilio Estevez, 55.

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