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So far, so good for rookie QB Trubisky, but it’s only minicamp

Mitch Trubisky will play his first NFL game Thursday. (AP)

Coach John Fox wasn’t ready to define Mitch Trubisky’s career after one weekend, but the quarterback-of-the-future was in the spotlight during rookie minicamp. Here are observations from the Sun-Times’ experts.

Adam Jahns: Trubisky’s bobbled snaps are worth mentioning. Fans in Bourbonnais will complain about them if they happen in training camp. But they come as no surprise because he spent years only in the shotgun during college. What stood out was his arm strength. His accuracy is an obvious positive. It’s what everyone points to when assessing his strengths. But the velocity Trubisky had on his throws — including some into tight windows — was impressive. He had more zip than expected. Trubisky also handled his media responsibilities well. He seemed nervous initially, but when the conversation shifted from him to tight end Adam Shaheen, he beamed. Trubisky appears to have a team-first outlook in that regard.

Patrick Finley: When veterans play alongside Trubisky during organized team activities, they’ll see someone who learned quickly how to command a pro huddle. “Real down-to-earth guy. Very assertive with the way he calls everything,” said guard Jordan Morgan, a fifth-round pick. “He’s trying to be a commander out there, and that’s definitely something he has to show to the coaches moving forward if he expects to be the guy.” Once vets arrive, Trubisky must exude confidence without it looking like he’s trying to show off for the coaches. If minicamp was any indication, he’ll be fine.

Mark Potash: Trubisky looked the part of a first-round draft pick this weekend, showing off his arm strength and accuracy, being assertive and confident and having command of the huddle. But there was nothing he could do at a rookie minicamp to show the qualities that compelled the Bears to pay such a high price for their quarterback of the future: durability, escapability, coolness under pressure and the ability to make his teammates and his team better. The Bears believe he has that “it” factor. But will they give him the opportunity to prove he’s more ready than they think?


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