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Mitch Trubisky, Jordan Howard among risers in gear sales

North Carolina's Mitch Trubisky poses after being selected by the Bears. (AP)

Two Bears — second-year running back Jordan Howard and first-round draft pick Mitch Trubisky — ranked on the NFLPA’s Rising 50 List, released Tuesday.

The list, put together by the union’s marketing arm, identifies players poised to break into the league’s list of top merchandise sellers.

Howard, who earned a Pro Bowl berth in his rookie season, is ranked No. 4 on their 50-person list, behind the Cardinals’ David Johnson, the Falcons’ Devonta Freeman and the Dolphins’ Jay Ajayi.

Trubisky, the quarterback who was selected No. 2 overall last month, is ranked No. 25.

Per the NFLPA, the list was compiled by “evaluating on-field performances during the 2016 season, fantasy football popularity, early demand from NFLPA sponsors and licensees, as well as new faces in strong markets.”