Keep politics out of college commencement

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Notre Dame students walk out of the commencement ceremony in opposition opposed to the Trump administration’s policies as Vice President Mike Pence is introduced at Notre Dame Stadium on Sunday, May 21, 2017, in South Bend, Ind. | Santiago Flores/South Bend Tribune via AP

One key to being a true scholar is having the willingness to listen to and debate alternative points of view. It is sad that many students have been swept up with the anti-intellectual mass protest hysteria that has clouded their judgment and frustrated debate in this country. There are many appropriate and civilized venues for protesting Donald Trump, but walking out and disrupting Notre Dame’s commencement where students were reveling in their status as newly minted scholars is not one of them. Commencement, even when the featured speaker is Vice President Mike Pence, shouldn’t be about politics.  It should be about celebrating student achievements and realization of their natural potential.

Michael Pravica, Henderson, Nevada

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Give Rauner a break: All fingers point to Democrats

So a reader on Monday thinks Gov. Bruce Rauner is trying to wreck Illinois? He’s been in office for two years or so, but the mess Illinois is in developed over decades. Rauner realizes heavy but painful cuts are necessary to right the Illinois ship. That’s like blaming the credit card company when they tell you you’re way over your limit, so don’t spend any more money, or blaming the repo guy when he takes the car you haven’t made payments on because you’re broke and overextended yourself. Ah, typical Chicago attitude: always someone else’s fault. Blame Democrats, reader. They got you into this mess.

Mike Viola, Bartlett

Commemorate our lost soldiers this Memorial Day

Memorial Day means so much more than simply the start of summer, or a paid holiday off work with pay or just a long weekend. The real meaning of Memorial Day is to commemorate our nations warriors of all our branches that lost their lives protecting our nation in every war our country participated in. Giving the ultimate sacrifice for our nation is something our citizens must respect. Please proudly display the United States flag on Memorial Day. The U.S. Flag code states the flag to be lowered to half staff at sunrise, and briskly raised to full staff again at noon. God Bless America!

Bob Pritchard, Homer Glen

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