Mike Glennon says it over and over: ‘This is my year’

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Let’s give new quarterback Mike Glennon a chance.

There he was Tuesday outside Halas Hall, talking with reporters in-depth for the first time since signing with the Bears in March, and somebody asked whether he was starting to get noticed in Chicago.

‘‘Six-seven, pale white guy — it’s hard to miss me,’’ he answered. ‘‘I think I stick out in every crowd.’’

That’s just a wonderful, self-deprecating thing to say about oneself. It helps us reporters because we don’t have to belabor the obvious. And it helps Bears fans who will spot that whitish dome making its way through our summer season.

No, Glennon didn’t mention he has a long neck, but that’s part of his physical makeup that helps him stand above and beyond almost every player in the NFL.

Indeed, when he threw quick passes in drills Tuesday to rookie scatback Tarik Cohen, all of 5-6 and 179 pounds, it looked like he was throwing darts at his pet Chihuahua.

‘‘I’m sure in the backfield there can be some good pictures,’’ Glennon said with a chuckle, making us realize the Jay Cutler Grimness Show finally has left town.

We’ll wait for the Tom Thumb and Goliath photo ops. For now, Glennon deserves his chance to be ‘‘The Guy’’ in charge of the Bears’ 2017 offense.

He displayed a strong, accurate arm during the workout, and his swiveling head-on-a-stalk enabled him to survey the field the way a submarine periscope surveys the ocean. Plus, he loves the perspective his height gives him.

‘‘Even at times for me, being 6-7, I have a hard time seeing,’’ Glennon said. ‘‘So I don’t know how the short guys do it at times. I can only think [my height is] an advantage.’’

So do we. For now.

Look, Glennon and everybody in Chicago are aware the Bears traded up in the first round of the NFL draft last month to take North Carolina quarterback Mitch Trubisky with the second pick. It can’t feel great for anybody who just signed as a free agent to know your younger, highly valued understudy is always near, drooling, pretending he isn’t overjoyed each time you screw up.

‘‘It was made clear to me about 10 minutes after [Trubisky was drafted] — from a call from [general manager Ryan Pace] — and the next morning again that the 2017 season is my year. I’m not worried about the future. I’m not worried about the past. I’m worried about the present.’’

It sounded like Glennon had practiced his responses to the questions he knew he would get about Trubisky. And in their firmness, swiftness and refusal to speculate about another time period, they reminded this veteran scribe of something he couldn’t quite place at first.

Then it hit me: It was like former Cardinals slugger Mark McGwire in front of that congressional committee investigating steroid use in baseball in 2005.

‘‘Well, sir, I’m not here to talk about the past,’’ McGwire said in his first answer under oath, even though everybody else was there for exactly that reason.

McGwire repeated the sentence in various forms maybe a dozen more times when asked about his drug use. I was sitting a couple of rows behind him and couldn’t help chuckling at his resolve.

So when Glennon said, ‘‘This is my team, and that’s where my focus is,’’ followed by, ‘‘This is my year, and I’m not going to worry about the future,’’ before adding, ‘‘They brought me here to be the quarterback this year, and nothing has changed,’’ it seemed a bit lawyered, so to speak. But it also seemed rational.

What’s the guy supposed to say, ‘‘I’m just a doorstop until ol’ Mitch takes off his cape’’?

In the drill in which all the quarterbacks — Glennon, Trubisky, Mark Sanchez and Connor Shaw — dropped back and threw in a hurry at four white, plastic garbage pails screwed to wooden platforms, Glennon knocked the crap out of every one, even the one representing a deep out pattern.

Of course, Trubisky was pretty good, too. But, remember, he’s 4 inches shorter than Glennon. And five years younger.

‘‘He seems like a great kid, eager to learn,’’ Glennon said graciously.

But he planted the flag again.

‘‘It’s been clear in this building that this year is my year,’’ Glennon said. ‘‘And everybody’s on board with that.’’

The regular season is four months off, so can we get on board, too?

The Year of Glennon. Ride it.

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