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Cubs bring in Chicago’s top chefs to redesign ballpark cuisine

The Cubs call up some of Chicago's best chefs to be featured cooks at the ballpark this summer. | Rick Bayless/Twitter

The Cubs are calling in a new lineup that will serve up more than just peanuts and Cracker Jack.

The Cubs are bringing in some of Chicago’s best chefs to serve gourmet, ballpark-inspired dishes at Wrigley Field. Stephanie Izard, Matthias Merges, Jeff Mauro, Rick Bayless and Graham Elliot are the five chefs in the Cubs rotation that will lead their Chef Series for the next three months.

The special dishes will be available at the newly renovated Sheffield Counter on the main concourse, which is near the ballpark’s right-field line.

David Burns, executive chef for the Cubs’ hospitality partner Levy, said this is one way the Cubs are trying to set a new gold standard for ballpark food.

“We’ve emphasized cultivating Wrigley Field’s food culture this season, and want fans to leave a game feeling like they’ve truly experienced a taste of Chicago,” Burns said. “The Chef Series brings diverse perspectives on ballpark fare from some of the city’s favorite chefs.”

Izard, who was just deemed Chicago’s new Iron Chef and is the executive chef of the Girl & the Goat, Little Goat Diner and Duck Duck Goat, will lead off the culinary lineup beginning June 2.

Merges is on deck for the Chef Series and will make three appearances through June and July. Merges is the executive chef for three Chicago restaurants that serve up dishes ranging from Asian-inspired cuisines to American comfort food.

Mauro, who is most known for being the sandwich king on Food Network, is in the hole and will be featured at the end of July.

After Mauro is Bayless, who will serve up his ballpark take on Mexican cuisine at the beginning of August.

And finally, Elliot, who has been the culinary director for Lollapalooza since 2009, will round out the Chef Series at the end of August.

Check out the schedule:

Stephanie Izard: June 2-11.

Matthias Merges: June 19-21, July 4-6 and July 7-9.

Jeff Mauro: July 21-25

Rick Bayless: Aug. 1-6

Graham Elliot: Aug. 14-20 and Aug. 28 to Sept. 3