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Twitter goes nuts over Trump’s ‘covfefe’ tweet

President Donald Trump | Associated Press

The Twitterverse was going crazy early Wednesday morning over a tweet by President Trump that appeared to begin as another rant against the media but then ended suddenly with the nonsense word, “covfefe.”

The president was perhaps trying to write the word “coverage” in the tweet, posted a little after midnight Washington time, but it’s unclear. And while misspelled words in a Trump tweet are nothing new, this latest tweet stayed up — uncorrected — for quite some time.

It eventually was deleted, and Trump then seemed to join the party:

After that, it was back to business:

Before then, on Twitter, much late-night merriment had ensued.

In short order, covfefe was trending on Twitter and soon had its own Twitter handle and several variations.

The abrupt stop to the tweet concerned some. Had the president suffered a medical episode? Had he dropped his phone? Was this the end?

But not all was fun and games. Trump supporters quickly came to the president’s defense.