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Fox Sports, Charles Davis excited to have Jay Cutler on board

Jay Cutler. (AP)

NFL analyst Charles Davis has been in television production meetings with Jay Cutler, first in 2009 and then more recently.

“There’s a natural change that comes with age,” Davis said of Cutler. “But it wasn’t a huge shift.”

Cutler’s answers are what resonated with Davis. Invaluable insight — and not faked.

“We may not have been bro-hugging,” Davis said, “but if I asked Jay Cutler a question, I got a thorough answer. And I’ve had plenty of other guys where I’ve asked those questions and I’ve gotten bro-hugged, we had a good time and it was affable, and when I’ve gotten back to my room to put down my notes, I don’t have anything. I always appreciated that about Jay.”

Davis and Cutler can officially bro-hug every Sunday this fall. As of Friday, they’re partners on Fox Sports broadcasts, joining play-by-play announcer Kevin Burkhardt and sideline reporter Pam Oliver.

As a respected longtime analyst and former player, Davis believes Cutler can bring a lot to the job.

“His ability to know the personnel that’s on the field — I mean, he just walked off the field,” Davis said. “Just think about him walking into production meetings [with players] now. He’s going to be walking in essentially with his peers.”

In an 11-year playing career, Cutler also endured endless scrutiny, particularly in Chicago, where he played for three head coaches.

“He can provide incredible perspective, introspection and thought about all of that,” Davis said. “He’s still standing, and he’s off to a different phase now. And I can’t wait to go along on the ride with him.”

.@NickSwisher welcomes @kevinburkhardt's new @NFLonFOX partner, Jay Cutler to FOX in the only way Swish can.

— FOX Sports: MLB (@MLBONFOX) May 6, 2017