Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn get ‘Snatched’ for fun

SHARE Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn get ‘Snatched’ for fun

Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn in a scene from “Snatched.” | Justina Mintz/20th Century Fox

SANTA MONICA, CALIF. — Before we delved into talking about her movie “Snatched,” Amy Schumer and confirmed that when she and Jennifer Lawrence wrote their much-anticipated film about two sisters, much of the work took place in Chicago.

Schumer confirmed that the writing largely happened at her sister Kim Caramele’s home, and “I can’t wait for when we can actually begin filming” the movie, depending on the two very in-demand actresses’ “crazy-busy schedules.”

The sisters in the movie go on a nationwide road trip to find their long-lost brother. “The script is done, now we have to figure out when we can make it,” Schumer said, adding, “I really love your town.”

Turning to “Snatched” (opening Friday), co-star Goldie Hawn smiled when asked what it took to make her return to the big screen, after a 13-year hiatus.

“It was time to come back, but the hook was mostly Amy, plus the script, plus the fact it’s mainly focused on two women in the lead roles. You don’t get that in Hollywood all that often.

“But mostly it was about having the chance to work with Amy,” said the Oscar winner.

Hawn plays a mother lured to accompany her daughter (Schumer) on a non-refundable vacation in South America.

Asked if her real-life daughter and fellow actress Kate Hudson has seen “Snatched,” Hawn guffawed. “Yes she has. She truly loved it, I think because the relationship Amy and I have in the film is so different from the one I have with Kate. However, no matter what, that mother-daughter relationship is always a very complicated one. It’s one that many mothers and daughters spend their whole lives trying to figure out!”

Schumer chimed in, referencing the Hawn character’s overly protective approach to dealing with her two kids — even though they are adults. “Even when you have a great relationship with your mom — as Goldie and Kate do — I think a lot of people will find a bunch of universal truths in this story. I’ll bet there will be a lot of calls to Mom, right after folks see this movie.”

While Schumer stressed that “Goldie’s character here is opposite to the way she is in real life, a lot of moments in the movie are taken right from my own life,” laughing as she remembered her own sometimes over-protective mother calling her “after some attack by terrorists in a different country from where I was currently visiting on vacation.

“My mom called to say she was ‘checking in to make sure you’re not there!’ … I told her, ‘No, Mom, I didn’t fly to another country — and then back — just in the last hour since we last spoke!”

“Snatched” kicks off when Schumer’s Emily Middleton character is dumped by her rock star boyfriend (Randall Park), leaving her holding paid-for tickets to a tropical vacation.

“If it was me for real, I probably would have hidden in bed for a couple of weeks,” Schumer said. “Emily is more take-charge and approaches it as, ‘Let’s figure this out and turn this [expletive] situation around.’ ”

The mother-daughter team end up being kidnapped during their vacation — leading to quite the wild ride through remote parts of the Amazon in both Ecuador and Colombia (though the movie was completely filmed in Hawaii).

“Goldie and I were always complaining about the bug bites,” laughed Schumer, as Hawn quickly remembered one thing that happened to her.

“When we started running in that scene where we’re trying to jump on the back of a pickup truck to escape the kidnappers, I pulled my hamstring,” said Hawn. “I hadn’t warmed up and then just started running. So, there’s a lesson there folks! Always warm up!”

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