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Yankees’ Aaron Judge 3-to-1 favorite in Home Run Derby

Baseball fans will tune in Monday night to see if Yankee slugger Aaron Judge can top the hometown favorite Giancarlo Stanton in the Home Run Derby in Miami. has named Judge the 3-to-1 favorite and Stanton as the second favorite at 9-to-2 to win the competition, which begins at 7 p.m. on ESPN.

Stanton might have a difficult time eclipsing his total last season, in which he hit a record 61 in three rounds when he defeated the White Sox’ Todd Frazier.

Other Home Run Derby odds from Sports Betting Dime.

Odds to win HR Derby

• Aaron Judge: 3/1

• Giancarlo Stanton: 9/2

• Cody Bellinger: 11/2

• Miguel Sano: 7/1

• Mike Moustakas: 7/1

• Charlie Blackmon: 14/1

• Justin Bour: 19/1

• Gary Sanchez: 24/1

Odds to hit more home runs (combined) in the first round

• Aaron Judge & Gary Sanchez (Yankees): 7/8

• Giancarlo Stanton & Justin Bour (Marlins): 8/7

Odds to hit the longest home run

• Aaron Judge: 7/3

• Giancarlo Stanton: 3/1

• Miguel Sano: 17/3

• Charlie Blackmon: 9/1

• Cody Bellinger: 10/1

• Justin Bour: 19/1

• Mike Moustakas: 29/1

• Gary Sanchez: 33/1

Over/under longest home run: 499.5 feet

Odds anyone breaks stanton’s total home run record (61): 5/1

The Home Run Derby bracket: