SNEED: Garry McCarthy rebuffs requests for him to run for sheriff

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Former Police
Supt. Garry McCarthy says he is not interested in running for mayor or sheriff. | Santiago Covarrubias/Sun-Times

Ride ’em, Garry!

Sneed hears Garry McCarthy, Chicago’s former top cop who claims he is being encouraged to run for mayor of Chicago, is also being encouraged to run for sheriff of Cook County.

So Sneed called up McCarthy, who nixed interest in becoming U.S. marshal last year.

“Look, Mike. It’s true people have talked to me about running for sheriff.

“But, I’m not considering it.

“I’m not considering anything now. People have talked to me about running for mayor, but if I had to make a decision on running for mayor right now — this second — the decision would be ‘no.’ ”

“I’m not ready. I’ve got a job. I’m working. [Security business]

“But it’s true I’m being encouraged to do so and it does seem to be gaining momentum. But as of now, there is nothing to talk about.

“Except one thing,” he added.


“Why hasn’t the press noted all proceedings have been dropped in the outrageous accusations I was somehow involved in the divorce case between [Former U.S. Congressman] Jesse Jackson Jr. and his wife, Sandi?

• A history note: McCarthy and two other men were subpoenaed in January by Jesse’s Chicago divorce attorneys demanding any emails, phone records or social media exchanges they had with Sandi — or any details of a financial relationship they might have had.

So Sneed called McCarthy’s attorney, Morgan Stogsdill, of the Beermann Pritikin Mirabelli Swerdlove law firm, to set the record straight.

• Quoth Stogsdill: “Jesse Jackson, after numerous court appearances, voluntarily withdrew his petition for dissolution of marriage in Chicago, which made the subpoenas moot and irrelevant. The case is now being heard in Washington, D.C.

“Mr. McCarthy had nothing to do with the Jackson matter.

“The people of Chicago have enough problems to deal with and their focus should be asking, “How are we going to get these problems fixed? The outcome in the Jackson case is exactly what we expected.

“The subpoenas, which were unwarranted, are moot and the case is over,” Stogsdill said.

The cardinal’s way . . . 

Cardinal Blase J. Cupich joined Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle on Thursday in honoring those who had no one to honor them at the end of their lives: the indigent, the unidentified and the unborn.

Said Cupich, following a committal service that included the burial of five unidentified people as well as 80 indigent and 24 unborn people, “It demonstrates that every life is valuable and everyone’s death should be recognized and honored.”

The ceremony, which took place at Mt. Olivet Cemetery, included the unveiling of a black granite monument marking the gravesite of those being honored.

Toni the tiger . . . 

Toni Preckwinkle is one tough cookie.

• Fact: She does not suffer fools . . . or foolish questions.

• Fact: Preckwinkle’s gunshot staccato style of answering questions while looking you straight in the eye can be intimidating.

• Fact: Considered to be the city’s most formidable mayoral contender, is not interested in the job.

So here’s the deal.

She needs to be one tough cookie.

Sources tell Sneed Preckwinkle “is painfully aware of the toll layoffs will have on the county’s workforce.”

“When she first came into office, she had to lay off 1,500 people.

“She has been through that and knows how difficult it is — it’s the worst part of her job. It’s not something she wants to do, but the current state of affairs has left little choice. The lawsuit by the merchants [against passage of the pop tax] has tied her hands and critics of the holdback have not offered up any realistic alternatives.

“The county has to have a balanced budget by November 30 and the holdback is the only way to achieve it.”

Stay tuned.

The Trumpster dumpster . . . 

Ergo, ego to ego?

It should come as no surprise President Donald Trump was taken to see the tomb of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, his ego partner, during a visit with French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris this week.

• But what’s up with Trump’s weird “grab grip” when he practically jerked the left arm off France’s first lady Brigitte Macron, 64, who is decades older than her husband?

It was classic “Herkimer the Jerkimer!”

• Trumpeted Trump to Madame Macron: “You know, you are in such good shape! Beautiful!”


Rahm ’em . . . 

Mayor Rahm Emanuel has a new buddy.

New York Mayor Bill De Blasio just derided New York’s Metropolitan Transit Authority and gave Emanuel credit for slamming their city’s subway headaches.

• Backshot: The Rahmster got chided recently for taking a cheap shot at the New York subway system.

• Buckshot: The New York press responded with a cheap shot: “Now try getting home without getting shot.”

• Final shot: Emanuel’s “right that what Chicago did was right” by putting reliability ahead of expansion, DeBlasio said.

Sneedlings . . . 

Today’s birthdays: Conor McGregor, 29; Jane Lynch, 57; Tameka Harris, 42.  

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