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Meet the Maddons: Cubs’ manager and his wife star in cheesy RV sitcom

Cubs manager Joe Maddon and his wife star in new sitcom "Meet the Maddons." | Winnebago/YouTube

When his managing days come to an end, Joe Maddon and his wife, Jaye, might have a chance at making it in show business.

Joe and Jaye starred in a teaser for their new RV series, which is part of Winnebago’s “Meet the Maddons” campaign.

The commercial, which meant to show off what Winnebago’s “Grand Tour” RV has to offer, resembles a cheesy 1950s sitcom.

Joe Maddon’s love of RVs became popularized three years ago, when he first introduced the world to his mobile home named “Cousin Eddie.” The name derives from the slob Randy Quaid played in the “Vacation” movies.

But Cousin Eddie was replaced in May when Maddon signed a contract to be a spokesperson for Winnebago Industries, an RV company.

The Maddons traveled in their luxury RV down to spring training and showed it off in May.

The Maddons’ RV has four TVs — which he says is one more than what is necessary. The 1.5 bath RV also comes equipped with heated floors, a fire place, and a king size bed.

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