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Gov. Bruce Rauner’s Summer Springfield Shakeup

Gov. Bruce Rauner. File Photo. Brian Jackson/ For the Sun-Times

So far, Gov. Bruce Rauner has fired nine members of his senior staff this month. Another 11 have voluntarily resigned, many in protest, although one wound up taking another job in the administration.

Monday’s Casualties:

Resigning: Mike Mahoney, chief of staff for policy and legislative affairs; Bridget Davidson, the governor’s digital director; Bob Stefanski, director of House and Senate operations; deputy press secretary Olivia Munson; Kathy Lydon, deputy chief of staff for federal affairs, and Therese Magnuson, also of Rauner’s Washington, D.C. team.

Fired: Ben Tracy, Rauner’s “body man,” the personal assistant who was supposed to be travelling with the governor for his first full day on the job on Monday.

(Phil Rodriguez, deputy chief of staff for public engagement, also resigned Monday, but he was allowed to move to another job.)

Last week through Sunday’s Casualties:

Resigning: Transportation policy adviser Brian Oszakiewski, press secretary Eleni Demertzis; press secretary Allie Bovis; and director of operations Jared Dubnow.

Fired: Richard Goldberg, chief of staff; corrections and criminal justice adviser Jennifer Grady Paswater; environment and energy adviser Jason Heffley; “body man” Kyle Haevers; policy adviser Daniel Suess; Christie Davis, secretary to former chief of staff Richard Goldberg; communications director Brad Hahn, deputy director of communications Catherine Kelly.

(Also, the governor’s deputy chief of staff for communications Lance Trover resigned last month. And Mike Zolnierowicz, who was not on the government payroll but served as Rauner’s chief campaign strategist, quit last week to head up political operations at Xpress Professional Services, Inc.