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Kosher food coming to Wrigley Field

Kosher food will be provided at Wrigley Field starting July 21. | Danziger Kosher Midwest/Facebook

For the first time since opening in 1914, Wrigley Field will provide certified kosher food, according to

Kosher Standz, a partner of the Danziger Kosher Midwest catering company, will open DanZtand on July 21, serving kosher Romanian Hot dogs, Romanian Polish Sausages, and pretzels.

“It’s extremely exciting,” Sam Mashiach, a partner of Danziger Kosher Midwest, told “It took 100 plus years for the Cubs to win a world championship, and it took 100 plus years for kosher food to get to Wrigley.”

The stand will be located on the terrace reserve in right field outside of section 235. The Cubs will be the 13th baseball team to have a kosher food stand. The White Sox do not have a kosher stand yet.