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Plainfield’s Brenna D’Amico plays nice girl amid ‘Descendants’ baddies

Brenna D'Amico and Cameron Boyce in a scene from "Descendants 2" | Disney Channel/David Bukach

Having played the Fairy Godmother’s daughter in both the hit 2015 Disney Channel movie “Descendants” and its spinoff animated series “Wicked World,” Plainfield native Brenna D’Amico admitted that, “Yes, I do know Jane very well. I should at this point!”

But with the fantasy sequel “Descendants 2” debuting at 7 p.m. Friday, the young actress also is happy that “Jane has been allowed to evolve from the first movie to this one.”

Like its popular predecessor, the sequel follows the teenage progeny of famous Disney heroes and villains. “In the first ‘Descendants’ Jane was very insecure,” the actress said. “She wanted to fit in, but didn’t really know how to. But in the second movie, she outgrows her insecurities and by being given some responsibilities — like planning the Royal Cotillion, the big ball — she shows what she can do. She still has her quirks, like she is completely oblivious to the fact Carlos [played by Cameron Boyce] has this huge crush on her. I think that’s cute.”

Now based in Los Angeles, D’Amico is very aware she shares a hometown with an actress and comedian who has become one of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

“Ah, Melissa McCarthy. I’m so crazy about her, but I have not yet met her,” said the performer. “I’m crossing my fingers and always hoping our paths will cross. She is so funny and brilliant, and she obviously has never forgotten where she’s come from. I would love to meet her and we could talk about all things Plainfield! … Plus, hopefully, a lot more than that!”

Home-schooled her entire life, D’Amico started acting as a child, “doing musical theater. It was at my very first rehearsal at Monica Minogue’s StagePlay: Musical Theatre for Kids! [program through the Plainfield Park District] that I was totally hooked on acting. It’s funny. No one else in my family is into acting or theater. But somehow I caught the acting bug.”

Along with acting, D’Amico is very much into music — playing both the piano and guitar — and admits “it’s my dream to one day do my own album.”

As for “Descendants 2,” the actress hopes the huge audience for the original film will appreciate “that this second film is even bigger and more extravagant than the first one. The costumes, the sets and all that are fantastic. Plus, there’s a lot more action in this one.”

Given a number of her co-stars get to play some fairly nasty villains, D’Amico chuckled when asked if she ever fantasized about going to the dark side in “Descendants 2.”

“In the first film I did have a mean moment, but that didn’t last long. Jane quickly learned that being mean is not nice.”