SNEED: Kim Foxx lays off Star Jones’ fiance in wake of pop tax flop

SHARE SNEED: Kim Foxx lays off Star Jones’ fiance in wake of pop tax flop

Star Jones, left, on “The View.” | Provided photo

Star power or star glower?

Attorney and media maven Star Jones hit town last month to lend some star power to Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx.

The kicker: Jones, who led a training session for Foxx’s staff, also happens to be the “life partner” of one of Foxx’s employees, attorney Ricardo Lugo.

But on Friday, Foxx showed Lugo the door.

So what happened?


“We were shocked to find out he [Lugo] got dumped,” said a top Sneed source, who claims Lugo was among the list of 39 people laid off Friday because of the failure of the pop tax passage needed to bail out Cook County.

• Backshot: Lugo says he was raised in Cabrini-Green and unsuccessfully ran for judge in 2012. He was also listed as one of Chicago’s most eligible bachelors by Today’s Chicago Woman magazine in 1986-87.

• Upshot: Sneed is told Jones — the former star of the TV show “The View” known for her outrageous spending habits — was asked by Foxx to lead a Continuing Legal Education training session on “Media and Justice” and encouraged her staff to attend.

“Star Jones did not request compensation, nor did she receive compensation,” a Foxx spokesman said. “No money was paid.”

The training session by Jones was “purely voluntary.”

Also, “the session was taped — but purely for internal purposes only,” the spokesman said. “It was not to be used elsewhere.”

So why did Lugo, who had worked for Cook County before, get axed?

Was it a seniority problem?

“I can confirm he was let go due to the tax cuts, but we do not discuss personnel,” said the source.

Over and out.

The Gacy case . . . 

Ring. Wrong: News Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart had identified another victim of serial killer John Wayne Gacy started a Sneed memory replay.

• To wit: Shortly after Gacy was imprisoned, I wrote him a letter requesting an interview. I expected no response, knew it was a long shot — but included my home phone number just in case.

A few days later, my housekeeper sent me a stunner:

“Some guy called while you were out and left his name. John Gacy.”

And that was that.

There weren’t cellphones then.

Never heard from him again.

Loaves & wishes . . . 

Leaven it up!

Gubernatorial hopeful Chris Kennedy, a devoted Catholic who suffers from Celiac Disease, had a response to a new Vatican directive claiming the unleavened communion host at Mass must contain at least a trace of gluten, a protein that can make the gut go crazy.

Quoth Kennedy to Sneed: “As long as there is a little science in every sermon, that’s OK with me.

“What our Jesuit trained Pope is saying is the gluten can be so low, it is essentially gluten free — allowing science and chemistry to develop a new kind of host for Catholics suffering from Celiac Disease.”

There ya go.

The poop scoop . . . 

A big bow to this wow.

Watch for 100 painted dog (German Shepherd) statues to pop up on the Magnificent Mile on Sunday following in the footsteps of the Horses of Honor campaign sponsored by the Chicago Memorial Police Foundation.

• The new K9s for Cops public art installation campaign — which raises money for the families of “fallen or catastrophic officers” — is joining forces this time with PAWS Chicago to also raise money for free spay/neuter services for animals in underserved communities.

• The heroes of this campaign: Phil Cline, Eddie Johnson, Paula Fasseas, Richard Simon and John Chikow. 

Sneedlings . . .

I spy: Cubbie legend Ryne Sandberg spotted with his wife, Margaret, at Harry Caray’s outdoor cafe on Kinzie on Monday. . . . “Empire” star Taraji P. Henson recently spotted at Gibsons. . . . Today’s birthdays: Ray Allen, 42; Carlos Santana, 70; and Julianne Hough, 29.

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