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LETTERS: ‘Rauner hoodwinked moderates’

Gov. Bruce Rauner | G-Jun Yam/AP file

In 2013 Bruce Rauner introduced himself to Illinois voters as a moderate, pro-choice Republican with no social agenda. Rauner hoodwinked moderates by flip-flopping and announcing he’d veto House Bill 40 on abortion, showing the pro-choice people of Illinois his true anti-choice colors. If lying to women weren’t enough — in just one week, Rauner’s newly minted right-wing staff managed to insult Jews, women, the LGBTQ community and people of color.

His latest bad decision was hiring a communications staffer who publicly argued abortion is being used “to rid the world of disabled and other ‘unwanted’ persons” — comparing abortion to Nazi Germany. The Anti-Defamation League denounced the staffer’s statements as “historically inaccurate, inappropriate and offensive especially to [Holocaust] survivors and their families.”

Rauner’s response? Crickets. Illinois needs an honest leader who acts without hesitation when staff make offensive remarks. Governor, as a Jewish, pro-choice woman who represents a large LGBTQ constituency, I am insulted by you from all sides.

Rep. Sara Feigenholtz, D-Chicago

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Follow the money

The Democratic Party leadership manipulates not just Cook County but the rest of Illinois, too. Speaker Mike Madigan controls the state party and has the funds to support other legislators and insure their re-election. Joseph Berrios is the Cook County assessor and a Madigan supporter.

Madigan has a very lucrative law practice that represents clients seeking a reduction in real estate taxes. It is not uncommon for our representatives and aldermen to have a law practice that successfully represents business and industry. The tax breaks given to some must be made up by others. Now the city, county and state are on the verge of bankruptcy and what do our elected officials do? They think of innovative ways to raise taxes, fines or fees. Follow the money and see who benefits.

John Culloton, West Chicago

Praise for Speaker Madigan

There are too many media sources that are very unfair to Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan. He merits laudation for being an inclusive coalition builder. He brings people together, including whites, African-Americans, Hispanics. Asians, gays and animal advocates. Madigan has done very much to empower women, minorities and the disenfranchised. His tenure has been progressive, constructive, compassionate, amenable and open-minded.

Brien Comerford, Glenview