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SNEED: Mayor Emanuel sends special honor to ailing Sen. John McCain

Sen. John McCain speaks on the floor of the Senate Tuesday. | CSPAN via AP

A McCain memo . . .

Mayor Rahm Emanuel ordered a special message of respect dispatched immediately Wednesday to ailing U.S. Sen. John McCain.


• Translation: It was a copy of a City Council resolution sponsored by Ald. Edward Burke (14th), which described McCain, who has a brain tumor, as “a true American hero.”

• Burke’s beat: “This may be the first legislative body in the nation to honor McCain in this way,” said Burke. “As a Vietnam POW and Naval war hero, as well as his service in office to his country, his courage and patriotism are examples to us all,” he added. “We wish him a speedy recovery.”

• Rahm’s report: Shortly after Barack Obama’s election to the presidency, the mayor had a chit-chat with president-elect Obama along with McCain and his sidekick, U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham, and Emanuel’s wife, Amy. “McCain knew Amy’s dad was retired Navy, so he told Amy that if I got out of line, he’d sic my father-in-law on me,” the mayor said.

Sneedlings . . .

Congrats to public affairs strategist Becky Carroll and hubby, Jon, on the birth of Emmet, who now becomes the sidekick of big brother, Reilly. . . . I spy: Hall of Fame baseball legend Tommy Lasorda recently spotted several times at La Scarola. . . . Today’s birthdays: Alex Rodriguez, 42; Maya Rudolph, 45, and Jordan Spieth, 24.