LETTERS: Get involved if you want to ‘drain the swamp’

SHARE LETTERS: Get involved if you want to ‘drain the swamp’

A crowd fills Independence Avenue during the Women’s March on Washington following President Donald Trump’s inauguration in January. | Alex Brandon/Associated Press

We have witnessed a phenomenon not seen since the days of the Richard Nixon Administration. Millions of people have been taking to the streets to demonstrate against or for many different issues. Millions of people have taken to calling and emailing members of Congress to voice support or opposition to legislation being debated. Some have lamented this as “obstructionism” and others as “resistance.” In actuality, it is neither; it is how a representative democracy was designed to work.

When the Constitution was written, our right to petition the government was provided for. It was decided that a representative democracy could only work if citizens were allowed to speak with their elected officials and communicate their thoughts on issues being decided.

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These “activist” citizens are modeling how democracy is intended to work. Good citizenship does not include just showing up to vote on election day, but requires actively participating in the process of governance. This means informing yourself of the issues and regularly contacting your elected officials. By doing this, you will have a government that is truly representative, less influenced by special interests and you will drain the swamp

The United States needs more activism, not less.

Bill Becker, Roscoe

Championship golf course leaves average Joe in the hole

Merging two public, affordable golf courses on the South Side into a single championship course will do nothing for the area but further the gap between the haves and the have nots. It is a slap in the face to average citizen again showing the misguided priorities of Mayor Rahm Emanuel putting deep pocketbooks ahead of the rest of us. Are there any kids thinking about taking up the sport in a city bereft of opportunities? If so, say goodbye to that. We should be brainstorming ways to get jobs, activities, sports, any kind of hope to a community that has little to none.

Scot Sinclair, Third Lake

‘A lie can’t live forever’

One of my favorite quotes from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. applies to the chicanery that Donald Trump has brought to government: “How long? Not long because a lie can’t live forever.”

Trump continues to fire people that he hired, attack Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama, disparage minorities and blame his self-inflicted negative press on the mainstream media, all in an attempt to deflect attention from both his incompetence and the Russia investigation.

Someone should remind Trump “a lie can’t live forever.” Truth always comes to light. Just like the truth that surfaced about the Affordable Care Act. Republicans spent thousands of hours on conservative media painting Obama and his signature legislation as evil. Remember the lies about death panels? Now even Trump supporters know that good health care should be a right, not a privilege.

Republicans cannot improve the health care system and give massive tax breaks to the wealthy. There are too many people in their own base who need help. The Republican Party is running from that truth. Conversely, the rest of us need to remain vigilant and speak truth to power.

Dorothy Franklin, Roger’s Park

Quit giving taxpayer money away

Another police shooting and the offender’s family becomes rich overnight. A judge turned in a gun that was never destroyed and later found by the side of a habitual criminal. This 22-year-old Latin Counts gang member was shot by a Cicero police officer after he allegedly pointed the weapon at a police officer responding to a call of a gang fight. The investigation by the Illinois State Police determined that the officer acted properly. The Cicero Township agreed to pay this gang member’s family $3.5 million.

Either the officer was right or he was wrong. If he was wrong, indict him, charge him. If he was right, don’t give taxpayer money away. Fight it. Counter sue. Quit giving our tax money away.

Larry Casey, Forest Glen

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