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58 people arrested in citywide police raids ahead of July 4 holiday

Chicago Police Supt. Eddie Johnson discusses citywide raids on Monday and Tuesday that resulted in 58 arrests. | Chicago Police

Narcotics raids across the city resulted in the arrests of 58 people between Monday and Tuesday afternoon, according to Chicago Police.

The department executed 24 search warrants, recovered seven guns, and confiscated more than 1200 grams of marijuana and 500 grams of heroin and crack cocaine, police said at a noon press conference Tuesday at the department’s headquarters, 3510 S. Michigan Ave.

Of the 58 arrested, 55 were charged with felonies, police said. Of those arrested, 38 have previously been convicted of felonies — 10 of those for gun offenses.

“The goal was to get them off the street so the rest of the city can have a safe Fourth of July,” Chief Anthony Riccio said.

“That was only day one of the operation,” Riccio said of the raids and arrests, which were expected to continue throughout the day.

Supt. Eddie Johnson said he believes the pre-holiday raids — which were also conducted ahead of the Memorial Day weekend — help reduce violence by taking some of the individuals who drive the violence “out of play for a period of time.”

The majority of the raids were conducted on the South and West sides, police said.