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Kaepernick explains ‘quest to find my personal independence’ on July 4

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick warms up before an NFL football game against the Seattle Seahawks. | Tony Avelar/Associated Press

Colin Kaepernick celebrated Independence Day by sharing social media posts about his recent “quest to find my personal independence.”

Kaepernick, an unsigned NFL quarterback and social justice advocate, posted on Twitter and Instagram about a trip he took to Ghana because that’s where he traced his “African ancestral roots.” Kaepernick said he plans to visit the sites responsible for putting African Americans in the “hells of the middle passage.”

Kaepernick is no stranger to stirring criticism. The former 49ers quarterback drew national attention last season when he decided to kneel during the national anthem as a way to bring awareness toward racial injustices. Kaepernick’s posts Tuesday drew both criticism and support.

Although Kaepernick’s future with the NFL is still unknown, he has dedicated his time as a free agent to helping the community. Helping the homeless in San Francisco, donating to Meals on Wheels and raising funds for struggling Somalians are just some of the humanitarian efforts he’s done this offseason. He’s also stayed true to his word. So far, he’s donated $700,000 to charity of the over the past nine months after he pledged $1 million to help communities last season.

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