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First part of lakefront separation project complete

Cyclists ride on the new Lakefront Trail that separates bicycles from runners along the lakefront at 39th & the lakefront. Friday, July 7, 2017 Brian Jackson/ For the Sun-Times

The first section of a $12 million lakefront project to separate cyclists from other path users has been completed.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced Friday the completion of the project from 31st Street to 41st Street.

Work continues on sections from Fullerton to Ohio and from 31st to 51st streets.

It’s not expected to be completed until the end of 2018 — so runners, bikers and walkers will have to deal with some closings and detours till then.

The aim of the project, funded by Chicago billionaire and cycling enthusiast Ken Griffin, Illinois’ wealthiest man, is to less the chances for collisions on one of the nation’s busiest multi-use trails. The lakefront path is used by an estimated 100,000 people a day on summer weekends.