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LeBron calls L.A. ‘home’ and leaves basketball world guessing

LeBron James caused quite a stir in basketball circles when he referred to Los Angeles as his "home." (Getty Images)

First Kyrie Irving wants out of Cleveland. Now, LeBron James is calling Los Angeles “home.” This cavalier attitude has sent the basketball world into a frenzy.

Let’s explain.

James was looking for a pickup game in the offseason and decided to use social media to find a run. Timberwolves guard Jamal Crawford, who lives in the Northwest, replied to James, “you know Seattle would LOVE to have you.” The Cavs star responded, “May have to make a day trip up there when I’m back home in LA bro!”

Instantly, Twitterverse read that as James going to the Lakers and making L.A. his home in 2018 when he becomes a free agent.

Or, possibly James simply meant that when he gets to his home in Brentwood, California, one he built for $21 million in 2015, he’ll head north to Seattle for a pickup game. James also has a residence in his hometown of Akron, Ohio.

James can be quite clever on social media, often subtweeting others as he apparently did to Irving recently.

But in all likelihood, James was simply referring to his house in L.A. Or, was he?