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#TheFellaChallenge: Soccer player breaks Twitter with a single photo

Manchester United's Marouane Fellaini during the UEFA Super Cup final soccer match between Real Madrid and Manchester United at Philip II Arena in Skopje, Tuesday. | Boris Grdanoski/Associated Press

A picture is worth a thousand words — or in this case, a thousand tweets.

Manchester United midfielder Marouane Fellaini became the latest victim to creative photoshop pictures after a photo of him taking a ball to the face went viral on Twitter on Tuesday.

Associated Press photographer Boris Grdanoski captured the strong contender for sports photo of the year during the Super Cup final match between Manchester United and Real Madrid.

Despite his team losing 2-1, Fellaini was in good spirits after the game. He shared the photo on Twitter to have a laugh at his own expense.

And in a not surprising move, Fellaini’s tweet opened up the floodgates for Twitter users to photoshop his face into different scenes.

Fellaini’s hilarious shot caught so much traction, Axel Witsel, a fellow soccer player from Belgium, started #TheFellaChallenge, where soccer players are showing off their best (read: “funniest”) action shots.

Here are some of our favorites: