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Bears pick Jordan Morgan transitions from Div. II tackle to NFL guard

Jordan Morgan was drafted in the fifth round. (Getty Images)

BOURBONNAIS — Jordan Morgan wasn’t the most noticeable Bears draft pick Thursday night — or the second. Linemen never are. But the forgotten member of the Bears’ rookie class marked his transition from Div. II tackle to NFL guard in his pro debut.

“In college, especially from my division, coming from Division II, you might see a guy every once in a while who’s really talented — but it’s not something you see every week, or in the NFL, every snap,” he said Saturday. “It’s just the total skill cap is much higher now.

“I feel fortunate enough to be put in these positions where I can compete against these guys and become a better player.”

Bears training camp has buzzed about Mitch Trubisky’s debut, Adam Shaheen’s size and Tarik Cohen’s speed. But the Bears are happy with the growth of the 6-3, 311-pound Kutztown alum.

The fifth-round pick might have long odds against dressing on game day — he could be one of seven inactive players — as he transitions to a new position.

“You see a lot more complicated things at this level than I did in college,” he said. “But just being able to immerse myself in the film and meetings with coaches and being able to break down and understand at a higher level, it allows me to play faster. I think that all translates on game day.”

Morgan was solid for most of the second half against the Broncos until the final play, when he was flagged for an illegal man downfield penalty while Trubisky was throwing into the end zone. The ball fell incomplete, the penalty was declined and the Broncos won.

“Right away, it’s kinda like, ‘Damn, I made a mistake,’” he said. “But it’s one of those things where you still got more game to play, more things you gotta do. So you can’t dwell on that.”