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Rauner releases two TV ads ahead of Illinois House school funding vote

Gov. Bruce Rauner has released two new TV ads. | Screenshot

SPRINGFIELD — Gov. Bruce Rauner on Governor’s Day released two television ads, paid for by his campaign, in his push to try to squash a veto override in the Illinois House.

The two 30-second spots will be aired statewide, alongside digital ads and phone calls, according to Rauner’s campaign committee Citizens for Rauner. It follows similar ads which ran in June ahead of a special session. Those were the first to be paid by Rauner’s campaign after weeks of ads ran statewide, paid for by State Solutions, an arm of the Republican Governor’s Association.

In both ads, Rauner’s amendatory veto is lauded as increasing school funding and providing equity. It also targets Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan, who is planning later Wednesday to vote on a measure identical to Rauner’s amendatory veto in an effort to show it doesn’t have support. The Illinois Senate on Sunday voted to override the governor’s amendatory veto of a Democratic school funding measure.

“Tell Speaker Madigan we’ve had enough,” one of the ads says.

Rauner’s campaign said the governor plans to address school funding throughout Governor’s Day. Rauner plans to speak at the Illinois Republican Party and County Chairmen’s Association’s breakfast, as well as at a rally at the Illinois State Fairgrounds.