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Video: Bride surprises father with Bears-themed wedding dress

A bride surprises her father with a Bears-themed wedding dress. | Chicago Bears/Twitter

It’s always hard to give your little girl away on her wedding day, but this bride wanted to make it a little easier for her father.

One bride surprised her father by switching dresses before the traditional father-daughter dance. She changed into a Bears-themed wedding dress.

Unlike traditional white wedding gowns, this bride donned a navy dress with orange accents and a Chicago “C” on her waist.

Brittney Benda captured the video, which was posted on the Bears’ Twitter account on Wednesday.

The father-daughter duo, who danced to the Bears fight song, received a stamp of approval from former Bears running back Thomas Jones. He responded to the Bears’ tweet, saying “Dope!! #BearsDown.”

And this woman wasn’t the only bride who incorporated the Bears into her wedding.

A Twitter user, who goes by the name Jerry, tweeted a picture of a bride holding a bouquet of flowers that has “I [heart] Bears” embellished in jewels on the stems.