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WATCH: High schooler throws 97 mph on Speed Pitch at White Sox game

Sign him up!

At a recent White Sox game, Lincoln Way Central pitcher Ryan Vice decided to test his arm on Speed Pitch in the XFINITY Fundementals Deck. Vice lit up the radar device, throwing the ball 97 miles per hour. Fans watched in astonishment as Vice threw harder than the White Sox average fastball velocity this season of 92.5.

The 6-4, 190-pound flamethrower has committed to play for Western Michigan after his senior year.

Vice still has a ways to go to catch the White Sox’s top pitching prospect Michael Kopech, who threw a ball 110 mph in January.

First day of max velocity throws for @MichaelKopech5 …. Is 110mph good? #APECmlb

— APEC (@teamAPEC) January 17, 2017