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Allen Iverson issues statement about BIG3 no-show

Allen Iverson was supposed to be Ice Cube’s biggest draw for his upstart BIG3 League. Instead, the Hall of Fame basketball player has become more of a disappearing act.

More than 15,000 showed up in Dallas on Sunday to see former NBA stars compete in the 3-on-3 league. Iverson, the player/coach of 3’s Company, was nowhere to be found.

The 42-year-old hoop icon gave no reason for his absence. One report said he was spotted in a casino near Chicago early Sunday morning.

On Tuesday, Iverson issued a statement, which still didn’t clarify his reason for missing.

Earlier in the season, Iverson pulled out of a game in Philadelphia at the last minute for no apparent reason. Fans who had watched and adored him for so many years with the 76ers were disappointed and left booing.

Iverson has been anything but his old self in the BIG3. He has played sparingly in just three of his team’s six games, scoring six points and handing out four assists.