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Watch: Grown woman steals foul ball from White Sox fan

Woman steals ball from a White Sox fan during the team's 10-2 loss to the Twins on Monday. | YouTube

One of the joys to sitting along the first or third baseline is getting pelted by foul balls and having the chance to snatch up a free souvenir. And that’s just what on White Sox fan did or thought he did on Monday during the White Sox 10-2 loss to the Twins.

Minnesota catcher Jason Castro hit a rocket along the third baseline in the top of the second inning, which ended up going into the open row in the stands.

A fan from five rows back and one section over scurried into the empty row where the ball had landed, while a few other spectators also tried to grab the ball. The fan stood up holding the ball.

But what happened next was shocking.

The woman who was sitting in the row directly in front of where the ball landed, turned around and stole the ball from the fan. He raised his hand and glove in disbelief.

White Sox vice president and chief marketing officer Brooks Boyer decided to bring justice to the situation. Later in the game, Boyer brought the fan a baseball signed by White Sox broadcasters Jason Benetti and Steve Stone.

You can watch the whole situation unfold in the video below.

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